Train to Busan

O will fess up, I watched it because of my two favorite actors. now this too, I do not like those zombie type movies, just not my thing, now I am sure some of you love them , ok whatever, I do believe you will really enjoy this one, then, go to Netflix, its there. action packed galore. like I said I am not a fan but the ones that do, you will love it. yeah I will give it a 10 star type thing. just a fyi is all. enjoy y’all! I have to say a fantastic ending, close to tears on this one. was going to do a spoiler, bu8t no I am not, just cry ok???

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I have been trying Viki to get this FOREVER. Not many people are requesting it though, which is maybe why didn’t get a call back. It actually sucks. It is SUCH a good movie…


wonder why , its just as good as any of the other ones they have. yes it is a good movie even with what I said in my earlier note, at least no vulgar language, um maybe there was a couple of phrases. but yes it is a good movie, maybe it wasn’t advertised enough?? maybe you know this one but wonder if some of those zombies were computerized, I mean the way they had their bodies moved around like that? I don’t know what its called at the moment. but still a good show.

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I think that Viki just generally really has a hard time to get popular movies and focuses more on dramas. There are plenty of dramas out there that are violent and has curse words. :frowning: It just really depends on how many people request to see it, then they’ll make a channel for it.

Viki rarely gets movies as soon as they are out. I signed up to be CM for the sequel.

sequal already? wow! and I guess the licenses is a factor too.
well I didn’t request this one, so I do see what you mean.

Really not big on the zombies but I loved the storyline

No this came out like months after Train in Busan aired. I thought it was interesting so I immediately signed up for a channel.

Train to Seoul or Train from Seoul I think?

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I think Viki rarely invest on movie. Movies like “Confidential Assignment” and “My annoying brother” are not on Viki.


I thought Viki would be one on top of getting different movies.
and I would rather watch a vampire movie or some other scifi, zombies just isn’t for me. train to Busan I did like the story line, just hated seeing my favorite actors die in the process, but that is what it was all about.

Peninsula, Train to Busan 2 :tada::tada::tada:
~ 15th July 2020 in SK
Among the 56 movies chosen for the Festival de Cannes Official Selection 2020

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Gotta re-watch Train to Busan 1 on Viki:


this was a good drama, if anyone likes zombies, I watched cause f the actors. but I rather watch the vampires, I can get garlic, witches, can get one of those things to get rid of them, can tame a fox, ghosts, well not sure about that one, but you can have the zombies.

again this was an awesome drama, even from someone that don’t like them!



I have seen it 3 times and I’m terrified of zombies movies/dramas. The reason is bc I skip some parts, and after a while I go back to watch them. So you can say I saw it in 3 parts. It deserves all the awards for make up, special effects, actors, supporting actor, that little girl has some guts in her! It was so real ii’s amazing the feels you get. The ending was good enough for me.


that is so true, awards galore!! I just mght, watch it again, and thats a mighty small mite
(a small bug if you don’t know)