Translating for open-source software communities

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone here has translated for an open-source software community. It can probably be a good way to build a professional portfolio if you’re serious about translation/technical writing.

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Long time didn’t see you around. It was a pleasure working with you in all those Japanese Documentaries; that sadly :sleepy: disappeared from RViki and I miss seeing them here so much! Any plans of bringing them back?

Your post is very short, and since I’m very naïve in the subject; Would you be so kind and explain a bit more what these all means? Thanks in the advance! I didn’t see any replies so I figure others are in the same boat as I am kind of lost in the subject.

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Hi :slight_smile: No idea if the documentaries will be brought back. I assume the priority right now is for newer drama shows. I enjoyed working on Railway Story quite a lot.

Open source software is software developed and maintained via open collaboration (ie. most people are volunteers), and made available to anyone to use for free. As non-technical people, we can volunteer for things like community management, grant writing, and helping translating the software interface to other languages (like translate the text on a button or a menu, or translate user guides). One website for that is transifex (not sure if I can post link here, but I have no incentive to advertise anything). Here’s some description from wiki:

A project owner creates a project in Transifex. The person then creates a translation team or appoints maintainers to create the teams instead of them. The project owner or maintainer then uploads the translatable content to Transifex. Then, the translation teams begin the translation process. Once the content is translated, the project owner can download it manually or pull it using the Transifex command line-tool.

Anyway, since coming back to Viki for a bit it makes me think of that.


Thank you! I’ll look into it now. I received an offer to do something like that, but due to my health issues I couldn’t commit to it.

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