Translation of a Korean sentence

I’m subbing for Korean drama ‘Defendant’ and I’m confused about one sentence. It is in episode 9 around 8.25 minutes.

The English subs write ‘I… will.’, but a user commented that he actually says ‘son of a b***h’.
To me, it doesn’t sound as ‘I… will’, but I’m not sure wether the subbers or the commenter is correct or if both are wrong and he says something else.

Can someone check it for me and tell me? If possible write it in Korean as well, so that I can see it for myself. :slight_smile:

I know that I can ask the cm or english mods of the show directly, but I have already asked them about other things a lot, so I don’t want to annoy/burden them :sweat_smile:

@ajumma2, could you perhaps help? Now I’m really curios if indeed it was SOB :laughing:

He is not speaking clearly but it does look and sound like he is saying “이… 개새끼야” which means, “You, son of a b***h!”
But because he did not enounce clearly, I can see why the subber thought he might have said “그럴께,” which means I will.

But between the two translations, I believe he did say “son of b” in this case.


Thank you. :slight_smile:
To me it also sounded like that when I watched it again. Okay, then i’ll change the sub to that and send a thank you message to the user who was paying attention.

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Thanks Oriya for having Keen ears and ajumma for clarifying. I have changed the English.