Travel to Mexico

Hi, I’m planning to travel to Mexico with my family for the first time, and I’m looking for some advice and suggestions from fellow travelers. We are interested in exploring the cultural side of Mexico, and we want to see some places that are not too touristy or crowded. We also want to know if we need a private guide for safety and better understanding, or if we can manage on our own.

Can anyone recommend some offbeat destinations that are worth visiting in Mexico? What are the best ways to get around and experience the local culture? How much should we budget for a private guide, and where can we find a good one?

I appreciate any help and tips you can give me. Thanks in advance! :blush:

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This is not a safe thing to do unless you take the necessary precautions (want to see some places that are not too touristy or crowded) Mexico, like anywhere else in the world, can be very dangerous. My sister and her Fiancé went to Mexico less than a year ago, and since he’s a retired cop he always carries a gun with him at all time, but my sis told me they never felt safe and they were both scared because over there you have no POLICE protection; and to top it off; they are the most corrupted ones, several times he had to give the police money so they could safely keep driving into some touristic areas. They said they won’t ever plan a trip to Mexico (unless things change for the better).

The SAFEST way to visit Mexico is if you know Honest people that live there, and one of them they can be your guide; although you will have to pay their room and board and meals (but that’s nothing since you and your family will be safe). I know a YouTuber influencer that she’s Mexican and she hires Bodyguards whenever she goes to Malls and stuff bc she’s afraid of getting kidnapped.

PLEASE Contact the US Embassy, and they can give you more information and better advise on keeping yourself and your family safe during your trip to Mexico. Just recently the US Embassy was advising US Citizen not to travel to Mexico (don’t know if it was lifted already) because there was a wave of kidnapping. I don’t want to instill FEAR in you, I just want to bring AWARENESS so you and your family can be safe, and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

My sister told me she wanted to kiss the floor when they finally arrived home bc she felt that they were at death door when they went to that trip to Mexico. They will also overcharge you for items bought wherever you go; so do research on prices in items you might want to buy. When I went to the Dominican Republic my ex mother in law, got me a guide (when I paid they charged me three time the price; so my guide paid the entrance to touristic areas and restaurants etc.) It can happen anywhere, but in Mexico right now is considered very unsafe place to visit.

I wish you and your family members the safest and most enjoyable trip to Mexico, and I hope you get feedback from people here at RVIKI; who live in Mexico and can suggest more safer sightseeing areas.

Thanks for your insight, Angelight. I was checking the Travel Advisory for Mexico Mexico Travel Advisory Looks like I have to keep certain places out of my bucket list. I have decided to get a private tour guide for the safety concern in mind. Did you get your guide online or got him locally? I found this Cancun Private Tours & Local Tour Guides | GoWithGuide and their reviews seems good. Do you any off any alternative? Thanks again for your wishes. Will update my trip report here later

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My guide in the Dominican Republic was a man that worked at the time for my ex mother in law, and he turned out to be wonderful since he knew all the touristic areas and the prices for the Entrance; so he saved me so much money that I tipped him well. In my Island, Puerto Rico (which sadly is very dangerous to visit now since crime is out of control) we only use guides that our relative recommend to us, but most of the time is a family member that takes us around. I recommend you contact the U.S. EMBASSY they stopped my niece from making her wedding in a cruise in Cuba, and something did happened back then that could have put their life and all of the wedding guest in danger (she tried to take a trip to Cuba a second time, but the Embassy sent her a stern warning and she had to change it to Hawaii). I do hope someone from Mexico who is caring to give you some feedback on safety issues.