Trends in Kdrama


There seems to have been (I’m not sure about the timeline since I watch dramas from different decades all the time) or is a trend for noona romances which I love. The one I can think of released most recently might have killed it off. Much as I like them, there’s something a little creepy about a 50 year old with a 19 year old, or whatever the exact age gap was. It doesn’t matter who the male/female role goes to. It’s macking on someone your grandparent’s age.

It seems like a theme starts trending and then one writer after the other starts repeating it and making it more and more extreme and ugly/stupid (in order to be different?) until they’ve killed it off. :frowning: That’s annoying.

I don’t care for time travel themes much – it’s difficult to get right and my practical brain starts telling me who wants to live in the past and give up modern plumbing, women’s rights, transportation, the internet! If the time jumps are minimal it can be hella confusing when one is reading translations and not a native speaker.


I’d love to see that come up too. The problem for me is that most of the time is, the older male characters are yucky. Don’t get me wrong, I love many older Korean actors! I think either the casting or the view of what makes a 40ish or older man sexy is just not translating well culturally. Someone like Shin Sung-woo in a role where he is sensitive and caring (not the usual greasy horn dog) would be hot. What I’ve mostly found is that guys like those in ‘Gentleman’s Dignity’ are just a giant turn off and I’ve tried to watch it about five times.


u also forgot my secret hotel :slight_smile: it was a good one.


Also a trend I guess, Kdrarma based on webtoons lately. Think of “Miseang”, “Hyde, Jekyll, Me”, “Dr. Frost”, “Love Cells” and I most likely forgot a few too.

Some older Kdrama based on webtoons: Flowerboy Next Door, Marry stayed out all night.


I have to agree that I would like good ol romance to come back. I am open to anything. I have to agree with @coldtoes that they seem to take a trend so far that it loses its originality or edge. There is a trend and then there is just everyone is doing it. I am ok with noona romances but at some point that trend will have to go away or be less.

Yes, about the evil mothers or evil parents. I mean if people interfered this much in their kids love life no one would fall in love or get married. I loved Hotel King but the father in that was the worst villain(love the actor though) I have ever seen in a drama.

SciFi/Fantasy does seem to be making a serious emergence with Blood and even Marry Him If You Dare had the whole time travel thing.

I have fun with highschool dramas but they are all the same and I agree with @kurama1 that they pull away from of the topics that j-dramas seem to take on. My main issue although I love BoF and Playful Kiss is the cold, egoist male lead who treats the lead girl bad but she is head over heels. Well, not so much BoF but others. In reality, the girl would dropkick that guy in a second. I do watch these when I want extremely light. None that I have seen are heavy at all. I would like to see one writer really tackle the issue of love and relationship in a teen drama.

Yes, please to strong female leads. Oh, I would tune in to any drama that had a strong female lead who didn’t just take the stuff dished out by the male lead, family, or friends.


I am not sure if it is a trend but the issue of weight or plastic surgery is popping up. Birth of a Beauty and 200 Pound Beauty in some ways address this cultural view on weight and plastic surgery.