Trends in Kdrama

Every once in a while you see there seems to be a new trend going on like a time where almost every channel had a Kdrama with time travel (2012), ghosts (2013), medical (2013) etc… and just now I noticed there might be a trend with Dissociative Identity Disorder(D.I.D). They use it in “Kill me, Heal me”, “Hyde, Jekyll, I” and I believe there was an other current or just ended Kdrama that covered it too.

What do you think about the various Kdrama trends you noticed? Do you think it’s nice there are more Kdrama about it at the same time to raise some awareness (when it’s about a disease for example) or do you think the broadcasting channels should be more original?

Personally I don’t know what to think. When the time travel trend was happening I was like NO! Not an other time travel Kdrama! :confounded: I find it ok that different channels have a Kdrama about the same thing but why do they have to air it around the same time. Be more original! Sometimes it’s so confusing too because Kdrama A explains it like this and Kdrama B like that so which Kdrama mentioned what?! I think it’s ok they cover serious matters to raise some awareness but why on the same time?

This is not a topic to talk about a certain Kdrama, just the trends. If you want a more in depth discussion about a Kdrama please make a separate topic, thank you.

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I think that they are competing to see who gets more audience. I, personally, think that this fact could actually bore the audience and push them away instead of attracting more. But, since this is a growing industry that is getting more powerful every year, I can understand theyre attitude, although I think its not the right way.

I noticed the psychological trend, as well. It’s quite obvious. But I still very much like it. It’s a good platform for the screenwriters to go deeper into the emotions of their characters. After al, they have to, it’s the backbone (leitmotiv) of their drama. These same shows are now slowly mixing in a trend of a hidden monster surfacing. That, I think, is a cheap trick to “hollywoodize” dramas, make them more exciting. For which there’s no need. I think life itself can be very exciting and worthy of portraying in a drama.

Another trend that just won’t go away (and probably because of that, it cannot be called a trend) is chebols vs poor people. Sigh. Just where do I start on that one?

I want a trend of strong female characters in Korea. Why can’t they start making those types of dramas, huh?


The one who just finished was “It’s okay, that’s love”. Anyways, I think there may be an idea that since one drama had good results, a similar idea may receive the same response. Another possibility is chats about a certain subject in the media or in the news which may spark in the writes a similar story.

On my side, I don’t mind similar basis, as long as the story line does not fall into certain traps, as clichés and such, or when after the premises, the writers don’t know where to go with it. I lost the count of dramas that started good or even amazing, but once the beginning story was on the open, it just dragged forever…

The trend doesn’t bother me when it’s well done. But, for example, the dramas about time travel weren’t good for me. Dr Jin was really weird, Rooftop Prince was funny but the story about time travel was not so good, Faith didn’t convince me. I liked Queen In Hyun’s Man, the couple was great.

I think they should find good ideas more than copy other dramas.


Thank you bozoli I’d like that too. I have noticed that in historic dramas the women are smart and strong and the modern ones they are depicted as silly weaklings who can’t exist without a man.
so bring it on a trend of dramas with good parts for modern day women.
As to the recent trend of similar dramas mentioned here I do think it’s the different stations competing for viewers.
‘It’s ok that’s love’ was so well done and dealt with a few psychological illnesses that they may just be hoping to cash in on it’s success and popularity.
For me personally I just want them to stop making dramas with stupid evil mothers. In real life no mother would behave like some we have endured over the last couple of years.
The minute a woman like that pops up in a drama I’m gone hahahaha, I think I’ve missed some that others said were good because I’d dropped them after a couple of episodes.

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Exactly! We need more active women around! I’m tired of those silly ladies running around after manly men. There should be more nowadays acting women that go get what they want instead of waiting for someone come give it to them! YEOJA HWAITING! o/

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D.I.D i also think something is up with the healer, pinocchio, birth of a beauty, pride and prejudice, they all were investigation subjects. don’t you think?

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Amen, sistah.

And, everybody in k-drama word, stop beating your women and children on TV! Not cool at all…


I have also noticed that, my friend…

I’m also having enough of those evil rich mothers or EMIL’s making it hard for their child or their loved ones.

Ohh and also some kind of trend I guess: adopted children or children who are send to their mothers or fathers because the other parent cannot or doesn’t want to take care of them. If I’m not mistaken there are 3 upcoming Kdrama that involves a child like that. Last year there where quite a few of those too like Wonderful Days, Iron Man, Mama, Triangle and a few others.

It’s like the title of the topic, there is a trend there. Maybe by the end of this semester or at the beginning of next year the trend will change again. What do you guys think the next trend will be? I would really like a Sci-Fi trend. Maybe about space and stuff… Fantasy would also be cool. Like werewolves, fairies, gumihos… I’ve seen dramas about those topics, but I don’t think I’ve seen a trend on it.

there are some fantasy Kdrama planned like Blood will contain a vampire. And I dunno what happened to “Sholar who walks the night” (haven’t heard anything about that in a while) but that also contains a vampire. No idea if that Kdrama will air this year though.

I want more sentimental dramas. I’m tired of action, I need romance needs to pop up again, lol!
The romance i’m seeing in the trend is high school style. I want to see a trend where widows and divorcees get another chance, or older people love. maybe that will be for this year in the summer months. they usually have good dramas in the summer.

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@umno I would also like to see that non-cliche type of love! Old people love is so beautiful because they have so much history… And also widows getting a second chance. T-T
But I actually prefer action dramas to romantic ones, because romantic ones are always the same. I like what you suggested, about a different type of romance! I hope it happens.

@umno maybe this upcoming Kdrama is something for you then:

I also don’t really like those high school romance stuff anymore unless I need something really light to watch next to a complex kdrama. Those high school romance Kdrama mostly all look somewhat the same…

I noticed there was the trend when former couples get back together (e.g. Cunning Single Lady, Emergency Couple and Pride and Prejudice) and I don’t know how to feel about it. Well it’s good when the reason of the break up in the past is a misunderstanding and later it’s cleared, but something feels off for me, I feel they’re sending a message that you should love only one person in your lifetime? I think sometimes it’s better when you just move on and what was in the past leave in the past. I was so uncomfortable while I was watching Emergency Couple, I felt bad for the female lead. Both the male lead and his mother treated her like shit, I wouldn’t go back to such a family.

omg I hate so much evil mothers, obviously also evil fathers. I got really tired of them

I think the problem with high school romance, they are afraid of some topics. They broach the topics like violence, bullying and difficulties of studies but never love (not serious), sex or drugs… I prefer J-drama for this kind of drama.

Yep a right turn off for me too. Who ever heard of a grown man permitting his mother to abuse his love. The ridiculous domineering Mothers and the abusing fathers far too many dramas have this and adult children afraid to oppose their parents. It’s quite tiring I only stuck with two dramas with this formula because I read here that they were worth sticking with. I drop them now the minute a silly female appears.