Tw-drama: "A Good Wife" starring Tian Xin, Christopher Lee, and Darren Qiu! (Recruiting) :)

A Good Wife</font size>

Hello, I would like to invite you all to join in watching & subbing the latest Taiwanese drama “A Good Wife”. It is currently airing but is nearing its final episodes.


Tian Xin (Who’s the One) as Shen Yi Zhen

Christopher Lee (Return of the Condor Heroes 1998) as Li Shao Wen

Darren Qiu (In Between) as Shen En

Genre: Romance, human, family

Tian Xin plays Yi Zhen, a wife who, despite her seemingly perfect marriage, is lonely and unhappy. Her husband is a successful man but is also a workaholic. They have no time to talk to each other so instead Yi Zhen keeps a journal of things she wishes to say to him. Later on she meets another man who is the opposite of her husband and becomes friends with him. This eventually leads to more as she questions her marriage…


Recruiting segmenters, ZH-Eng subbers, and editors/moderators! Help us get this channel up and running!

Channel link:

Current languages subs: English, Italian, Spanish

^Also here’s a still of Yi Zhen (Tian Xin) and Shao Wen (Christopher Lee) since I included one of Yi Zhen and Shen En (Darren) already. :smiley:

Still recruiting segmenters & subbers for A Good Wife! Come join us! :smiley:

Segmenters especially needed! Also looking for Chinese-English subbers!! Help us sub this wonderful drama! :smiley:

Subbing updates: Episodes 1-9 are 100% English subbed!!! Enjoy the episodes~!

More subbing updates: Episode 10 is complete! Thank you all subbers, we have 5 more episodes to go! So much is happening in these episodes, omg!