Two Excellent videos on homosexuality and homophobia in K-Dramas

The producer of these videos put a lot of work into this and in the description are copious notes so you can follow up. The one video comprehensively shows the postitive representations of Gays and Lesbians in k-Dramas. The other one shows homophobia in k-dramas.


Homophobia and heternormativity


Thanks, Edward. Much appreciated.

I notice that homosexuality seems to be a little more acceptable in S. Korean shows nowadays. This acceptance is also being mirrored by some actors in S. Korean BLs getting into mainstream roles. In “School 2021,” a lead role and a secondary lead role are filled by guys who starred in recent BLs (Chu Young Woo from “You Make Me Dance” and Kim Kang Min from “To My Star”). Being in a gay drama seems to have helped with the career of these guys :grinning:


In 2018 there was an attempted Gay pride event in Incheon. It was surrounded by violent Christians. They were trapped for six hours without toilets or water or food. It was widely condemned that the police were essentially colluding with the violent Christians.

Next year the ambassadors of six nations attended the Incheon even with happened without problems. The six nations which had ambassadors attending the Incheon LGBT event are also the nations which support South Korea against aggression from North Korea. Some these nations supply troops for the protection of South Korea.

I think the South Korean government realized that violent homophobia isn’t a good image for the world. So there are geopolitical reasons.

Geopolitics and LGBT issues aren’t limited to just Korea. Taiwan’s liberal policies versus the repressive policies of Xi Jinping have been noticed.

Thai BL movies are thought to be part of the Thai government’s politics to sustain itself. (I don’t remember the details).

Sometimes this attempt to use LGBT as part of geopolitics isn’t good. In the United States there is a denunciation of Pink Washing, the policy of Israel to use Gay politics, that is projecting a progressive image on LGBT to gain support for Israel and overlook its brutal treatement of the Palestinians.

This event got world attention.