Ugh! whats happening to viki?!

so many problems one after the other, my head is spinning!

im trying to watch a show and it keeps reloading the ads by itself or refreshing by itself. is this just me? or is it happening to you guys too?

ill be watching a show and then the ads come, im sitting through the ads, and then when im halfway through (lets say it says 3 of 5 ads), itll like start reloading the video, and then it looks like it refreshed the whole page, cuz it restarts the video back to the beginning! or it goes back to the spot i had it on, i sit through more commercials, when they finish, they give me ANOTHER set of commercials, and then restart again! ive reloaded the page so many times already… dont understand. i can never finish the episode because it doesnt let me see it now.

you need adblocker. its the only way I pass through sometimes without signing in. I had these problems before and then I got the adblocker and no more headache.

This doesn’t seem normal… write the helpcenter or mail them at then they can look into the problem.

you can close the ads in “x” , it’s in the upper right of the ads, wth this the episode doesn´t back to the beginning