Unemployed romance has been denied

Hi, I saw some photos of this upcoming drama and it looks cute.
I would like to help you on the English to Indonesian subtitles.

Thank you.

Hi, I can help segment and sub to Spanish from English. Would love to, actually. If you want to, just assign an ep to me and I’ll go for it. I am in Europe and usually not up at the same time as others in viki, so I may take a while answering messages. Good luck with your first channel!!! Woo hoo!

I’d love to help out as a Spanish Moderator. Thank you. :slight_smile:

hi! if you still need help and get approved, i’ll be a segmenter :3

Hi i’s like to help as english-spanish subber, pm if it gets approved :slight_smile:

Hi! I would like to be indonesian moderator if it’s still avalaible

Hello:) i would love to help you subtitling from english to spanish if you still need it

I would be interested in subbing Eng. to Spanish

I want to help! I can translate Korean to English. Or English to Spanish. Or English to Japenese. I can be a Translator! How do I help?

When they approve the channel, add the link here so I can add to my fav :slight_smile:

has anybody been able to find the fan page for this drama?

Hi! I want to help subtitling from English to Portuguese. I Want to join the team ^ ^

hey I would love to help with the portuguese or french translations :slight_smile:

I can help segment and also translate English to French!

I would like to help with English to Spanish subs.

Hy! I could help with subs from english to spanish too! Let me know if you want me to help you…

Hello! I can help translating English to Spanish subs. Please let me know if I’m in :slight_smile:

Hello. I was waiting for this drama!
Soo cool
…I can help segmenting (: And also translate english-spanish.

The page designer designs the channel’s community wall.Some page designers also design the weekly thank you cards.

Hi i would like to work in this drama! if you need eng-esp trans. just tell me please!!! and segment.