Untamed watch party


i am ready!


I would have loved to get involved with this one, but looks like y’all ended it


no worries it actually not ended yet
we only on episode 29 so you welcome to join in my friend


this series pretty long cause it has 50 episodes i just not been creating the events much lol


I have watched it a couple of times, still love the story


we watching today @queenie_612?

#27 yes we watching today sorry was busy with a energetic puppy @eddiethegirl @frustratedwriter your also welcome to join :slight_smile:


here today’s link for the untamed ep 33 if anybody’s interested happy drama watching :slight_smile: watching till ep 36


link for episode 38 of the untamed all are welcome

#30 last link for the untamed we watch from ep 47 to the end come join if interested