Untamed watch party


hey everybody i took a discord poll asking how many were interested in this drama and saw 10 people so by popular demand i wanna host it so ill host as many episodes as time allows every friday at 7:30 to 9:30 est . ill also post the link when it available. all are welcome and i hope everybody has a great day/night and feel free to say hi . first time ever posted on here. :blush: here the link join if interested :wink:


ok! 5:30 MST I will try to come next week!


We got carried away and watched 5 episodes, if you want to catch up.


thanks for letting me know


ok sure your welcome to join also got carried away and watched to ep 5 but u welcome to catch up and if helps ill mention when i post link k? it nice to meet u btw


nice to meet you too!


here is todays link for friday april 15th @eddiethegirl if you wanna join


Did you watch another episode or two? or maybe 5? lol


we watched 3 more episodes so we ended at ep 9

#10 here is todays link everbody be prepared with lots of snacks hehe @eddiethegirl

#11 todays link grab ur seat starting rn happy watching

#12 sorry if late todayโ€™s link for the untamed @eddiethegirl


posting link early so wonโ€™t forget grab ur seats cause it starts in 3 hours well soon


I will probably miss a lot of it tonight! Hopefully I can make it to some of it. <3
thanks for hosting


it no problem at all :slight_smile:


hey changed todays watch party to next friday as i was watching some movies and other stuff so see you next time have a wonderful day / night


iโ€™ll try not to be busy next week :wink:


hehe ok see you then hope all is well eddie


hey @eddiethegirl you avaliable for some untamed tonight? just wanna confirm before starts soon