Upcoming Dramas that you are looking foward to

Kk this one I HAVE to see for the eye candy alone!!!


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OMG!!! I LOVE this chick!!! She’s AWESOME!!! That how I find out what I want to watch!! :smiley:
I WOULD LOVE to see a remake of Skip Beat !!!

LOL i was up sooo late last night and then it became morning and i fell asleep T.T sorry lol

LOL shes soo funny and cute hahaha i think i will xD

Not a drama but a movie of LEE MIN HO

Gangnam Blues

“Lee Min Ho will be playing the lead role destined to meet his tragic fate, and the actor is preparing to pull off many advanced action scenes for the film. The teamwork between Lee Min Ho and Yoo Ha is predicted to create one of the most anticipated films for 2014, which is scheduled to begin filming in March and released during the later half of 2014.”

Ahhhhhh I can’t wait crryyy filming will start March 2014 ahh I am so nervous and sad when I imagine that there won’t be eng subs T -T

cool! : D aww man just like "no breathing"T.T

Has anyone else watched Bride of the Century??? I’m TOTALLY hooked!!!

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Me too. Is it subbed on viki? The lead actress is a dream. I love her.

Unfortunately Bride of the Century isn’t on viki :’( I have to go venture elsewhere to watch it but it’s up to ep 4 so far and so far it has been really good though the “ghost” isn’t as scary as she once was she’s rather comical now which I am dying to discuss my theories on that!! :smiley:

Rurouni Kenshin Is my all time fave right now. Its my to go to movie lol!

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I want all the comments who would tell me what’s going on or would ask questions . I misss theeem T-T

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I can’t wait for the new one to be released and subbed though I’d watch it raw if I had to wouldn’t understand a word they said but still I’d be glue to it!!!

Yeah soooooooooo sad it’s not on here I can just imagine some of the comments 10-1 it be full of ours!!! LOL Especially during the kiss scenes their first kiss ROFLMFAO!!! You did that on purpose didn’t you…I…Did I?? Lets go parents are waiting tring to be all cool and nearly falls LOL

And PMSL You’re really a pervert aren’t you!!!??? LOL Ahhhhhhhh these two kill me great chemistry :

I can imagine the comments when she said “It wasn’t your shoe on the floor. It was your pride”
I was looking at the comments but there wasn’t anything so I annoyed you the whole night haha

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The drama is being recapped on Koala’s playground.com. https://koalasplayground.com/2014/03/04/bride-of-the-century-episode-1-recap/comment-page-1/

It’s a good place to discuss your views on the drama. :smile:

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Tysvm I love to see if anyone else picks up the same things or if they have the same theories of what will happen!!!

I know this may sound off topic, but does anyone know if the Korean drama “Copped Out”, starring Lee Ha Na is ever coming out or will be released? It said on various websites that it was supposed to come out last year, but I have not heard anything about it.

Hmmm idk either I can’t find any information about it my guess is it hasn’t been made yet…

NOWAY!!! I cannot believe they are making kiki’s delivery Service live action movie YAY!!!