Upcoming Dramas that you are looking foward to

So I saw first episodes of Wonderful Days…wow, not what I expected but looks like it is going to be an interesting drama :smiley: Let me know if you watch it!! ^^

There are a few I’m not so patiently waiting for and that is one of them and Black Butler the trailer for it just looks out of this world good!!

OMG!!! Mellie, YES that looks fantastic! But I wonder where and when can we watch these???

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I keep looking if and when I find them I’ll let you know!! :stuck_out_tongue:

so maybe in June??


Thank You Thank You :smiley: PERFECT ^^

I can’t wait for this to come out! Just seeing this poster made jump for joy!

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I just adore him ever since I watched him in the movie BECK I became a huge fan of his!!!

I have a question, does anyone know where I can watch Bride of the Century? I watched a preview and I was hoping to begin it. My days are hectic with work and I’m off today I was hoping to begin it and checked it out viki didn’t get it licensed yet. Help anyone?

Hmmmmmm I want to find out more about Into the Flames


Hotel King


Come! Jang Bo Ri if anyone finds a trailer could you post it thanks!!


Fall in Love with Me

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Does anybody know if there is already a channel for the upcoming drama Gap Dong // Gapdongi // 갑동이? I can’t find anything, it is the follow up to Emergency Couple and will start next month - I want to watch it so bad XD.

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OMG!! I’m also looking forward to that one too, so here’s hoping we get it here!!

Doctor Strange everyone prayyyyyyyyyyyyy we get this one I can picture the comments already…

coughs all seriously and plot wise of course on my part…drools

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REALLY waiting for this one!!! LEE JONG SUK i just love. and the guy from MLFTS. i am a little scared tho… if he has to deal with surgeries and stuff, im sooooo squeamish about blood. T.T :x

But aren’t you watching Emergency Couple?? I figure it’ll probably be to about that extent!! :stuck_out_tongue:

no actually havent gotten to that yet T.T soo many dramas that im watching now but OMG that has surgeries too? faints

Mel, you crack me up every time. LOL

Yes, I submitted the channel, and they said me that already exists, so we must wait. I want to see Oska too. LOL!

wow! what a great list, thanks a lot for sharing with us <3

Gap Dong! Gap Dong!
I don’t actually like scary stories (such a scaredy cat), but they always seem so interesting. Looked through the webtoon they made for it; scared the bejeezus out of me - did not help that I saw it late at night in the dark .-.

Still, really like the cast. Plot seems intriguing. Will definitely be watching somewhere ^^;