Upcoming Dramas that you are looking foward to

Me Too!!!
Do you know anyone who is subing this one?

Edit: Nevermind… I found it!

Wasn’t she a supporting actress in City Hunter?

I watched the first episodes and I really liked it. What about you ? :slight_smile:

And yes I would say don’t watch at night…

Oh yes! I really like it too.
I was actually watching episode 3 last night, lol~ Maybe should stop doing that, but at least it’s not as scary as I was expecting. (Maybe it’ll get there though o.o)

Hahahahahahahaahhaha poor @melliebean_2 had nightmares after watching it. I should watch episode 3 when I have time. I don’t remember how scared I was watching the first 2 episodes. It will replace God’s gift for me, hope it ends better tho sigh

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anyone excited to see any new dramas coming? there are some dramas coming out guys that im excited for! so many of them that i want to see, and some that are just airing. i want to see trot lovers, anyone know if its any good? one that im really excited for is The mermaid!! it sound soo cute, and the main lead girl is the one from shut up flower boy band. i just love her! shes adorable xDD 1st teaser:

I’m really looking forward to Bad Guys:
I hope viki gets the license. I really like crime & mystery dramas and those from OCN are really well done with an interesting story line. And Park Hae Jin plays a psychopath. I’m definitely going to watch this.

omg hae jinnnnnnn imma have to check this out! even though crime and mystery arent really my thing, but i like some of them, he plays a psychopath like lee joon in gap dong!? (which i still havent finished, i knowww nobody kill me XD)

Here are the character teasers.
My first impression is that the psychopath he portrays is calmer than Lee Joons version.
He doesn’t show much emotions and the smile was so faint, but nonetheless creepy. :wink:

I am sure jt has fun in it as well !! :smiley: looking forward to this !!

Hey. At least you started… :stuck_out_tongue: (nobody kill me either…)

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LOL where in this together. i guess when we start watching it itll be at the same time too xD

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just like lee joon xD although this is somehow creepier…

i REALLY want to watch this! YAS!! make it happen!!!



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@dramaaaaa I want to see this drama ! The casting is really great !

I’m waiting for Falling for Innocence, a JTBC’s drama, with Jung Kyung Ho, Kim So Yun, Yoon Hyun Min. I love the 3 actors. And JKH and YHM had a great bromance in Heartless City !


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I am not a big fan of her but i like her and i watched some of her dramas like prosecutor princess, i need romance 3… I will definitely try it out :slight_smile: Oh heartless city, always wanted to watch it as you recommended it to me once i think? but never did… I should one day it looks so interesting

btw it doesn’t look like one but is it a melodrama ? I read it somewhere on soompi

Which one ?

The new drama you posted a trailer of :slight_smile: