[US-MOVIE] "The Last Time I Saw Paris" - Looking for Moderators/subtitlers - CLOSED

Hi, do you still have shows to sub in Spanish? I’d like to help!
Are they already translated to English?

This particular one is already subbed. I’ll have a look at other films and get back to you soon.
When you want to see if a video is already subbed in a language, you have to click on the little wheel on the lower right corner of the video, click on Subtitles and it will show you all the available languages and the percentage. See here:

As you can see I am really, really slow in subbing this year …
The channel is gone, isn’t it?

What do you mean, “gone”? > It’s still there.

I get the infamous “404”.
I can access the video taking the “short-cut” My Profil - Project Contribution - clicking on the word subtitle under the movie icon.
In theory I would end in the subtitle editor and could add subtitle but here it is - We are sorry editing subtitle for this video is not allowed. -
I could manage the video - but it only let’s me open or close the subtitles …
The option back to previous page gets me to the video just like closing the subtitle editor.
If I click the link for the channel under the video, I am back on square one “Hammy” and 404.
I am used to the regional shut out, but this is a first for me.

Ah, you’re right! And the Italian and Greek are not even ready!!!

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Hi,I would like to help the subs in Chinese as Im a native speaker and am fluent in both languages

Read the thread. You’ll see that the movie has been locked, we have no more access to work on it.

Oops I’m sorry, didn’t read the thread carefully enough

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