[US-MOVIE] "The Last Time I Saw Paris" - Looking for Moderators/subtitlers - CLOSED

It’s a classic Hollywood romantic movie The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954), starring Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson. It was originally black and white, but this is a coloured version.
It has gone through a thorough revamp. Segments have been fixed, the captioning is complete, and we also have a good French version.
Some other languages look as if they were complete, but were translated from a very horrid English first version, so they need a complete revision, if not be deleted and re-done.
So I’m looking for Moderators/Editors/Subtitlers first of all for those languages:
Spanish - 94%
Chinese(简体) - 93%
Portuguese - 38%
Romanian - 31%

and then of course all others - except for French, Italian and Greek.


Hi, I would like to help with the subs in spanish :slight_smile:


I’m a native speaker in Spanish, I’m fluent in English too. If that helps you, please contact me.


We have now Portuguese, French, Italian and Greek. And Spanish probably. Still looking for other Moderators/Editors/Subbers.
Especially Chinese and Romanian which are already started. We also have an abuser who started Arabic without asking for permission, so there should be an official moderator for that too.

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I’ve noticed a lot of these classic black&white or technicolour movies on Viki. Well, I’m glad they’ve found a home. :slight_smile:

Hi, I would like to be the Russian moderator. Thank you!

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Sent you a p.m.

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Hi, the movie has been translated into Russian. Thanks to all the team!

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Thank you for your work!

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Hello, can I work on the portuguese subtitles or are they already over?

They are complete.
In future you can check by clicking on the little wheel (Settings) on the lower right side of the video, then “Subtitles” and you will see the available subtitle languages and the percentage of each. If it’s 100% it means it’s complete.

Hi there,
I can translate from English to Tagalog. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

I have a Korean show to do subs in Spanish, if interested message me.


I have a Korean show to do subs in Spanish, if interested message me.

Yes, but why hijack this thread which is for a totally different thing? You could send a message directly to the subbers.

Hi Irmar,
still in need for a German mod/subber? I am still looking for a small project to keep my QC alive.

Added. Welcome aboard! You will find all the lyrics and stuff in Team Notes.

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I just started using this so I do not know much. And it shouldn’t be that bad to respond though. I am just responding if they wanted to do subbers. But I will leave then :slight_smile:

The best idea is to make your own thread in project board, with a clear descriptive title: for instance [K-DRAMA “Wanna One Go: Zero Base” - Recruiting Spanish and French subbers]
It is important to put the drama’s title in your header, and also a link to it in the body of your message, so the prospective subbers can visit the link and see whether they are interested in joining or not, without the need to send you a p.m. to ask “Which show is that?”
Now, if on another thread (for instance the thread “Want to Subtitle? Let people know” you see someone who writes, “I am a Spanish/French etc. subber and I am looking for work”, the best way is to send them directly a p.m.

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Yeah I had no idea how to do any of that honestly but thank you for letting me know. I will figure out how to do them :blush:

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