Useless subtitle modification to have more subs to their name [SOLVED]

I’m not going to name anyone for this because I don’t want any drama. I just want to know if it’s allowed or not.
So I’m a translator editor for that one drama and I’m the only one on there. We don’t have a lot of subbers for this project so I always end up filling up the missing segments. There’s nothing wrong with that I’m just saying that I work really hard on this drama.
After filling up the empty segments I start to edit, then lock the subs.
But today, after someone pointed out that there was a mistake in one of the episode and going to see it, I saw that all of the subs that I wrote and/or edited were edited again. I wanted to see if I made any mistake but the person who edited it just added commas, those < br > to make a break in the sentence at random places and more. That person even wrote things that were not right, giving a false translation. So now, I have to go back almost 40 episodes to fix that since I don’t want the subtitles to be false.
That’s why I felt really really frustrated. It’s not the first time that it happens but I’ve never said anything. But now it’s just a waste of my time!
So, here’s my question : is it allowed or do you think it is right to do that?
In my eyes, this person just want to have more subtitles in their name and I don’t think this is right.
Please give me your opinion and/or advice.

This is why we typically ask the subbers not to edit other people’s sub, unless if the original translation was either incomplete or completely wrong. Usually translation editors will fix other subbers translation and English/general editors can “beautify” the translation by changing awkward sentences and fixing grammatical and/or punctuation errors. This is why translation editors should be really fluent in both languages, since they are responsible to make sure all translation is complete and accurate. If that user was not in the editing team, you or a mod or a CM in your channel should send a PM and explain the process. Hopefully, that person was new and just didn’t know the protocol and won’t do it again.


That’s the issue I’m facing, this person is not new at all, and I think she is one of the most “active” person on here, as in she has a lot of subtitles already. I would “understand” if they were new or if they just wanted their QC or Gold QC status. But that’s not the case.

I see. You can talk to your Mod or CM and ask them to send a PM to them if you don’t feel comfortable with confronting that person yourself.

I’m the moderator and well… The CM is doing this :confused:

Sent you a PM.