[Variety Show] RECRUITING language moderators for payme holiday

Hello everyone!
I’m recruiting language moderators for this variety show called PayMe Holiday.
This show is only 7 episodes (about 20-22 minutes long)

PayMe Holiday; Synopsis

Exploring Japan seems like the dream holiday experience, but for some, indulging in the typical tourist experiences just isn’t enough. To get a true sense of what life in Japan is really like, host Vivian Chan will take on a variety of day jobs that include everything from farms and fish markets to ramen shops and more.
With limited means, a hectic work schedule, and a very definite language barrier, Vivian Chan sets out on an adventure like no other as she experiences life in both Hokkaido and Tottori, not as a tourist, but as an employee. Traveling as an everyday working woman, life becomes full of entirely new experiences and endless laughter. By joining Vivian Chan on her adventures, you’re invited to catch a glimpse of Japan through this very unique lens as you explore the many wonders of this incredible country in an entirely new way.


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