Variety shows with Korean subtitles or Viki Learn Mode?

Hi all,

I’m learning Korean, and while my reading skills seem to be doing alright, my listening skills are lacking. So I thought I might try to watch variety shows to improve them a bit. Except I found out that most variety shows I saw don’t have subtitels (just captions stating what’s happening on screen).

Since I’m not very familiar with Korean variety shows, I wondered if anyone here could recommend me some with Korean subtitles (on Viki or elsewhere) or one on Viki that has a Learn Mode option.

I think I usually like all kinds of shows (saw some cooking ones, camping, one about social media etc).


ps: hope this is the right topic to post this in

Hi, there.

You are right, a lot of variety shows on Viki don’t have up-to-date English subs.

We are not allowed to publicly share links to other sites, aside the standard ones such as YouTube. So, I’m sending you a PM.

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But why does it have to be variety? Why not drama? There are lots of dramas with learn mode.
I actually find it easier to understand when it’s professional actors talking. Far better diction and they usually don’t talk all together and/or very quickly as it happens in variety shows.
In variety shows it’s very difficult to segment and subtitle because there is the spoken part and also the words written on the screen, with stupid and cheesy comments on what’s happening. So sometimes the team has to choose which one to translate, as there isn’t space for both, and it becomes a mess.
Once I segmented an episode of a variety show and I swore to myself “never again”.
Or, in the case of lack of space and quick talking, the subtitler has to condense the sentences because of lack of space. In that case it’s not good for a Korean language learner, because the subtitles don’t correspond to what you hear, it’s more of a summary of what’s being said.
Variety shows may be fun, but if I need to practice understanding the language, it’s dramas all the way for me!

The 1st episode of “Wizard of Nowhere” has been fully subtitled in Korean but it’s no longer available on Viki. tvN’s “Double Casting” has Korean subtitles. All the songs performed are subtitled as well.

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Because the dramas I like are not very useful to me right now and probably won’t become useful for quite some time.
I found a few variety shows that already have Korean subs provided by the program itself (like Camping Life and some others I don’t recall right now).

So I just wondered if others knew of any more that come with Korean subtitles.

I do have a bit of a problem,. when I go to roku, they don’t have that learn mode, I do miss it a lot!
I have learned a lot with that learning mode, just wish I could get it on roku!

Yes, I think there’s no learn mode when using chrome cast right? I’ve been looking into how to watch Viki on my tv, but it seems my only options are by casting since they don’t have an app (my tv has Rakuten on it, but it seems separate from Viki?). But if the only option is to cast from my laptop, then I think I will not buy a Chrome Cast, since I’d still need to open my laptop anyways…

Chrome cast you can use with a mobile phone or a pad, too.