Various options on how to find a project

Hi everyone,

In the past I did read quite a few times that segmenters and subbers have a difficult time finding projects. For MV’s it’s simple you just check if a MV you like has segs or subs in the language you want and if not you add them if possible. For series it can be a bit harder sometimes. I don’t have problems finding projects so I decided to share some tips and tricks.

How to find a project:

Option 1: On this board :wink:

Option 2: You search for a project available for your region on Viki and check the community wall to see who you need to PM to offer your help. Mostly that is the manager or a moderator. Then you go to the volunteer tab and look for the person you need to PM and click on the icon to go to their profile to send a PM. Then you wait for a reply back and after that if they welcome you to the team you can start volunteering.

Option 3: Get invited by others to join a team. It’s common that once you helped out with a series and people liked your work you might be invited to other series. That’s why it’s also handy to PM a mod and don’t be an invisible volunteer. Be active and interact with your team members every once in a while.

Extra tips

What I do every once in a while is checking on other sites (which I can’t list, against the rules) what upcoming dramas there are and which I might like to help out with. Then I check Viki if there already is a channel (mostly there is). Heirs for example already had a Viki channel for more then a year if I’m not mistaken.

Sometimes it’s possible that when you want to segment or sub they already have enough people to help out. Specially if you want to segment/sub a popular series it might be wise to send a PM to the manager or mod before the series airs. If all projects you want already have enough people you can also look for projects which are popular among viewers but not so much among segmenters / subbers if you want to. You can offer your help there so the viewers can watch their favorite series with subs and you gain more experience. Who knows maybe you end up liking the series too?

I hope this post helps others finding projects in the future :slight_smile:


nice tips…thanks