Very necessary for every subscribers

Hello every one iam saad I currently pay a monthly socialist in this site but I do not like the presence of SPONSORED The greatest problem when I watch the movie or the series or anything on the site advertisements in the bottom left of the page they operate alone I mean trun on, It is difficult to shut ads i also participated and I pay my subscription to this site in order to get rid of the ads and I’m not Forced Other announcements after paying a socialist and I hope a solution to me Because of these ads seem to dislike the site Please delete the ads for subscribers
Thank you

Like you know or maybe not viki tries to let us watching dramas legal. That means they have to get the license. And a license can be expensive sooooo viki HAS to put ads.
If ppl really can’t bear it pls

  1. Volunteer to become a QC
  2. Buy viki pass
  3. There is something called Adblocker ( shouldn’t even recommend it I hate to do it but since it’s not a secret anymore… )

I would recommend to become a QC . I did the same and it’s really not hard to write subs. Also you can do sth to help the community and you are able to watch even more dramas on viki. I personally became a QC do get rid of these ads and it is fun to be part of a community. I can help and volunteer also i am able to watch legal without ads i am happy with that.

You can read through this topic there r a lot of very good explanations…

I couldn’t understand everything you wrote maybe because my english isn’t very good but if you already bought viki pass and you have still problems with the ads you should contact viki through the help center.