Videos Restart at Beginning After Commercials

Been having this problem with several different shows - it will play a commercial and then restart at the beginning of the video. Help?!

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with daylimotion videos?

same here!! It’s quite irritating and I usually have to go to another site to watch drama.

Hi everyone,

This is Kristine from the Viki Community Team. Please know that our team is aware of this issue and are looking into it!

In order for our team to have a better idea of what’s going on, it would be awesome if you could write in to the Help Center with some details about what you’re seeing (ex. what ads you see, what specific shows you’re watching, what browser you’re using). The more information we get from users, the better!

Thank you for your patience as we look into this; we really appreciate it!

Viki Community Team

I wrote to help center about this problem and sent a request for a new channel but nobody answers me

the vídeos are uploaded in differents sites like youtube and dailymotion , but try to close them in the “x” that is in the upper right of the commercial, this works for me

Thx for the advice but I don’t see an “x” in the commercials

It seems to only happen when I use Google Chrome but when I use internet explorer it works fine.

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