Vietnamese dramas

Could anyone tell me why Vietnamese dramas cannot be found on viki currently? It seems that it could be found on viki before. I really love Vietnamese dramas and I would like to watch Vietnamese dramas like vừa đi vừa khóc(It seems that this drama could be found on viki before). I really want to learn Vietnamese by watching Vietnamese dramas too.:confused:


I never came across any Vietnamese drama here on Viki. So Viki either doesn’t have them at all, or at least if they are there they are not licensed in my area.

If you know any good Vietnamese dramas, though, you could request them:


I don’t think I have seen any either…


Coming soon a Vietnamese wave:


Its been forever, but before all of the dramas that were not Korean, Chinese, or Taiwanese were on here I was watching a Vietnamese drama. I can’t remember the name or any of the actors name, but I sorta remember the plot and was hoping that someone could help.

Its about a girl, the FL, who wants to become an actress, but she and her aunt are living in rough times. She works at a hotel and wears a bandana/handkerchief on her neck because of a birthmark that she is embarrassed about. Her personality is bubbly, very optimistic, and a a little fiery. The male lead is someone who is rich by his own right, but also because of his parents. He’s close with his older sister. He is nice, but jerky at the same time. I think he or his family runs the hotel because I think that is where they met, but again I can’t remember a whole lot. He was tall and lean and had straight hair like Kim Joon from Boys Over Flowers.
There is another guy that was a close friend of the girl and always watched out and helped her out. He rode an actual motorcycle and had a spikey-ish hairstyle. He was also more visibly fit than the ML.

I think the name was chasing the dream or something like that. I remember dream, but I always had it wrong so I would just look through the dramas until I found it. If this helps it was between the years 2009 and 2013 I think. Maybe to 2014.

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It looks like it’s not on Viki anymore:

Maybe @trangstar888 knows which drama you are talking about.