Viki Ambassadors discussion

Hello to everyone from Viki Ambassadors!

So, as some of you may know or may not know Viki Ambassadors discussion can be found on the ‘Viber’ app. We currently have 84 people all around the world discussing about dramas, Asian culture and everything in general.
You can follow this public chat( you can’t participate on the discussion, but you can click links and view our discussion) if you download the Viber app to your phone! We are always happy to get new followers!

Now, we hope that you guys give us suggestions on what you want us to talk about and we will do our best to discuss these topics!

Thank you!

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Isn’t it called Viber? I have it and would love to check out some of the discussions in my free time. :grinning:

I know many possible subjects but to me it’s weird that others discuss a subject I suggested and I can’t join in to chat with everyone. So all in all I think you should come up with subjects with fellow ambassadors.

But to give an idea… your favorite drama, Kpop groups, favorite places in Korea etc.


Yes I corrected it my bad! And yes you should! :slight_smile:

Do you have links to the discussions? If not, how do I join the discussion(s)?

Do a search in Viber app for ‘Viki’ and you will see it. :slight_smile:

I just followed it, but the typing box doesn’t pop up. Am I just allowed to view the discussion?

I’ve noticed that Viki hasn’t been getting very many Koren dramas lately. Has something changed? I’m asking you because you’re ambassadors, and I figured that if any one could answer the question, you could. Thank you.

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If you are not an ambassador you can only read… I’m not an ambassador either, thought about becoming one but it was too late, so now I don’t even gonna read the whole thing because it will annoy me to much I can’t join in.

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@quizaquizaquiza_225 Probably because the licenses for shows are expensive and they don’t have enough profit to buy many licenses yet. There are lots of people complaining about Viki Pass (Viki’s main source of income?), so that’s a bummer. Otherwise, the drama probably doesn’t have enough fans or license requests yet.

I noticed that too, strangely lots of good kdramas are not shown but an influx of chinese (I mostly like just the historical and fiction). It feels something has changed :disappointed:

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That’s kind of a vicious circle! If they don’t have the Korean dramas that people love, then they won’t see the advantage of having a premium membership… I guess that’s why they don’t have many Japanese dramas either. Hope looked like a good one because it was the J-version of Incomplete Life. I have viki pass, mainly because the commercials were driving me crazy. The same ones over and over again, I mean that literally. You would see the same ad three times in a row. You would think that with such a young viewing audience they would have more beauty ads or maybe clothing. Instead I see a lot of car and hotel adds…