Viki Basic Pass?

Hello there,

I woke up this morning to this strange new Pass offered by Viki. Has anyone else noticed this?
You get HD support and no ads, but lacks access to originals and currently airing shows.
The awesome part is that it costs less than a dollar.

Personally, I think it’s amazing. I don’t like those shorts that Viki puts out anyway. Watching dramas that have just started is an exercise in frustration, as everyone is begging to have the latest episode translated. Some never do. I like to binge fully-released, fully-translated dramas, so this works out perfectly for me.

What about everyone else? What do you all think about this new Basic Pass? I would love to know you opinion on it. :slight_smile:

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@angelight313_168 What do you think of this?
@irmar Yes, I’m bothering you again, because I really want to know your opinion.

Interesting, perhaps the ads purchasing isn’t worth it or they do cost much more now, they do indeed disturb the viewing experience, one of the reasons I gave up regular TV cable incl. shows I never watch. Yes I agree binge is fun in a way, because for drama addicts every day of waiting is terrible :slight_smile:
But it also depends what you can afford to miss if there is a great VikiOriginal. Certainly 10 bucks a year is still better with no ads.

I think it’s great. But… is it really available to everyone or only to people in Latin America?
See what happened to me. After reading your post I went to Help Center to investigate.
It was there, in the list of subjects, under “General”, but for some reason the title was in Spanish (all the rest of my page was in English of course, since that’s the language I have for viki).

I clicked on it and yes, all the juicy details which you will see in the screenshot.

Notice that in this article by Mariliam, written 10 hours ago, there is a link to "Subscribe to the Viki Pass Bàsico? Well, if you click on that link, it takes you to the main vikipass page, with “Choose your plan”, and there’s only the old two options to choose from.

Every other page doesn’t list it, it lists only the two other sorts of pass. See here:

and here

I thought, Hmm, maybe it’s not available to me because I already have the regular vikipass (being a QC), so they only show me the options which are better than what I have?
So, from another browser, I went to viki, without logging in. And clicked the “Get viki pass” oval deep pink button which is on the upper right corner of the main page. Again, I got only the two usual options, no basic.
Maybe it understood I’m not in Latin America?
On that other browser, there is a free vpn. I tried from France, from the US and from Hong Kong. (Unfortunately Latin America is not an option) In all cases it was the same thing.

I never saw the page in your screenshot. The only place where I saw info about this basic pass is the one in Help, with details, by Marilliam.

So, either it’s only for Latin America or they haven’t had the time to update the whole site yet. Let’s wait and see.

HOWEVER it’s not as great as it sounds:

It says “it allows you to watch available FREE shows without ads and in HD”.
Free shows means those which are not behind vikipass. Now, how many of these are there?
Do you know that even old shows from the 2000s are behind vikipass?


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Hi there @irmar,

Thanks for bringing me up in this thread! I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding Viki Pass Basic.

This is a new plan we currently have available in certain markets. Currently Viki Pass Basic is available in Latin America, Spain, Poland, Romania, India, amongst other countries. We have no immediate plans to expand this offer to other countries at this time.

One limitation of our Help Center is the inability to have content based on geolocation, hence the information regarding Viki Pass Basic and Viki Pass Plus (which is currently available in Americas only) needs to be available for all our users to see. If you live outside of the countries indicated above, you will only see whatever subscription option is available to you at the time.

Viki Pass Basic includes ads-free viewing and HD quality streaming. We have tons of content that’s free and available for our users without Standard or Plus. At the end of the day, it does depend on location as availability for some titles will vary by region.

Hope this helps! Let me know if there are any other questions :- )



I’m going through them right now, and the lock isn’t permanent. Even Viki’s latest and greatest original, Grand Prince, is slowly becoming available to free users as well. Some of KOCOWA content too, like Manhole. I suppose exceptions exist. It’s $1, after all.
Since the subtitling process is what it is, waiting is part of the process either way. At least now there will be no reason to complain, not at this price.

It’s a great initiative. Thank you!

Thank you.
A good way would be, on the page where there are all the links to the various Help articles, to put near each link, in parenthesis: (only for certain countries).
And then when click the link and you go to the article page, at the beginning or end of the article, list which countries. This would make it easy for visitors.

Anyway I wasn’t interested for myself, but I was thinking of recommending it to friends.
Yes, @adrianmorales, there are some very recent dramas which are free, and on the other hand, dramas from ten years ago which have been here forever are behind vikipass. Sometimes it is difficult to follow the reasoning behind the choices - although there must surely be a logical reason.

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