Viki Blog ... in short, what is he writing about?

I really tried to understand, but it’s not my native language in combination with a topic I am not too familiar with. Can anyone tell me what it is about? The only feeling it left with me was PB for Google … (:dizzy_face:)

Thanks in advance!

From what I understand it describes how Viki as a platform is run. It starts of with saying that Viki uses standardized semi pre-made platforms which are maintained by someone else. Which leaves Viki engineering staff enough time to take care of the more specific and user-customed software changes.

Then it describes how new Viki services are tested within the same platform. The CI here seems to refer to the ability of that relatively standardized third-party platform to be more elastic, in order for the Viki staff to test and incorporate new custom-made services for their users (us).

And then they go deeper into programming. I stopped reading there.

LOL Thanks again, it is kind of a nerd post, isn’t it?

Tooootally :laughing: