Viki change in profile is crap. Be left as it was

All this mess. I can not find the easy projects and projects already completed appear first thing I’m doing now.
Remove the profile update
Manager, Moderator, Segmenter, subtitler. Is better

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I’m sorry, I have to strongly disagree with you.

I really, but REALLY love this change. That’s exactly what I wanted, to be able to see all my projects in one place, to see the most recent episode I subtitled, and the next episode.

For me it was messy before and it is messy now.
What makes matters worse is I keep Viki in the English version.
But translate into German.
So showing me that everything is subbed in English left and right, does not help. I do not sub current dramas so even, knowing the English sub procedure is done, doesn’t change a thing for me.

P.S. What should I think about the “fact”, that I did one sub 4 days ago. I did not.
But Viki proves it and the next thing I opened that video and I could not change to English, French as the basic language. Okay I chose Spanish at least I understand some.
And believe me the only thing I sub is Kim Sam Soon and that was almost 2 weeks ago.

That’s exactly the reason why it’s a great tool - if you are subbing an on-going drama, where coordination and timing are important. I can see more clearly now when the english subs for a particular episode are (or will be) above 95%, so that I can view that episode and start subbing it. I don’t have to manually search for every ongoing drama I sub, to see the progress of their English teams.

Additionally, even if you don’t sub an on-going drama, you might benefit from this change. If the show has ended, the two episodes next to your project name are the ones that you personally worked on last (on the left) and the following episode, in case you finished the first-mentioned episode. You don’t have to search for the drama, you don’t have to search for the episode you worked on last. You’re just two clicks away from continuing your project.

I didn’t quite get what you were aiming at in your PS. From the picture I see it’s connected with the Activities tab in the Subtitle editor, right?

the picture shows the history of the drama, the 4th line from the bottom - you will see a sub written by me.

It might be written by me, but certainly not 4 days ago.

About the last video and the next video someone worked at. I know, I sound like an old vinyl, when I say in old Viki you could go to your latest sub line click on it and you were right on the spot at the video.
That option, would really help me.
But as it is I have to take notes to remind me were I was because I have a very unstable schedule, that’s another reason I no longer work on airing dramas. I know how it is, I was there for a long time.
But I also guess that you only see how far the English subs are, when you made English your priority at Viki. If you chose another language, it will not show the progress of English subbers.

And btw. if you take the time, I looked into your work, and if mine would look that way, I wouldn’t argue either, but why don’t you look up mine or walter_casa’s, ours aren’t looking that clean.

I don’t like it either viki should give an option to see all our projects and the role we play on it like it was before. If I want to go back to a show that I haven’t been working lately I have to look for it for too long. Now I can’t find a drama where I’m the moderator. When I get to page 7 it marks error and now can’t find most of my projects where I’m the moderator. : :sob:


I agree with you, now it mess we can’t find our channel roles easier. :frowning:
I’ve already send to help center to make the channel roles back to old. Whicih is sort or arrange from Manger, Moderator, Segmenter and Subtitler.
I hope viki wil heard it :frowning:


I don’t like it because not everything seems to be listed such as when you are just a CM or Mod but not a segger/subber. I was going like “OMG!! Don’t tell me Viki took my channels from me!!” :frowning: :angry:

But lucky I have links to my channels elsewhere and they where still there but not listed in my channel roles…


the view always be my first concern, and it’s no from me :frowning:
IMO, they should be able to optimize “Volunteer Project” with a drop-down, hover or else. and showing everything in a big size is not a good answer… but i like the idea showing last and next video to workin on, it’s make me easier to finished my last work^^

And for “Suggestions” and “Rating” tab, does anyone use that… how it’s work? i have 163 suggestion but there’s no one rate it --i did mind to have bad rate, actually

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