Viki Changes Terms of Use August 2022

Since we do net get any community updates here, it’s been the same for so many years, when you start thinking Viki is changing their approach to volunteers, suddenly that source of information vanishes again without prior notice.

Anyway, you all got the email?

Check it out

Do we still have underage volunteers here? Because now you have to be 18 …

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    You represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and of the age of majority in your state, territory or country of residence.

Read more, and about the number of accounts I didn’t find that yet - it’s one - but wasn’t that already???

Registration of an account with Us for access to the Rakuten Viki Service (“ Account ”) must be made using your own email address or your own account with Third-Party Services authorised by Us. An individual may only create one Account.


After searching for “account”, all I could find is:

K. use any other person’s Account login, password and/or Account;

Interesting… You are not allowed to use an ad blocker if you are logged in. But if not, well…

11 L. circumvent, block or otherwise impair any advertisements in the Rakuten Viki Service, or create or distribute tools designed to block advertisements in the Rakuten Viki Service;


What confuses me a bit is in the email it says, terms are going into effect 2 weeks after the email was sent.
But at the Terms of Use it says updated August 15th, wouldn’t that mean it is already in “use”?


well, in relation to adverts from the way they have worded that it’s almost as if they have forgotten that if you have at least a “standard pass” you don’t get adverts of any kind. So what’s the point in telling standard pass users that they can’t use ad blockers?

Also in terms of enforcing that they could only do what some other services do, which would be to prohibit playback until said ad blocker had been disabled doing anything more than that would result in the loss of even more revenue.

I have received no email in relation to these terms to changes . It seems to me that most of these changes are orientated towards the US market


Video playback-wise none really. Both Viki passes remove the adverts while the video is playing. However, not everybody who has an account has a pass since in economically worse off countries people might not be able to afford it.

And also, there have been occasions in the past when I would see ads on Viki outside of the video area, such as under, or on the side of the video (before, when all videos were not automatically full screen).


I would think that the ToU are in effect, but are perhaps not enforced yet. We know how slow Viki can be with changes.

Another point to discuss is whether the age limit only applies to new accounts, or also to the old ones. Usually the laws are not applied retrogradely unless the weaker party benefits from it. In this case the weaker party would be the user, not Viki.


I don’t know how it is now, but I know in the past there were always, let’s say, teenage volunteers.


How is it with underage volunteers, do they have to give up what they earned by deleting their account?

Or, if they are about to become adults, may reach some consent with Viki to let their account rest until their b-day?

It’s one thing to say if you want to watch plus15 content at Viki, you need to be 18 first for your personal account?

Did Viki get in trouble because of a teenager easily having access to content here that is for adults?

This raises so many questions, will they be addressed?


Oh, yeah the big FC Barca one with the Rakuten sponsoring at the bottom of the page, that was big.

You could mix it up and ask why should anyone without an earned or paid pass have the same privilege as a pass owner?

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That’s already there.

There was always an age restriction. Maybe not 18, but I clearly remember there was an age limit. At least since 2016 when I first got here. Wasn’t enforced much, but it was in the terms and conditions.
They don’t really ask for your identity card, so in theory you can easily forget about this one.

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not true. I watched Flower of Evil(rated R) when I was underage. I think they were just introducing changes to the rating feature, so I didn’t know it was R-rated when I started watching.

On another note, I’m glad I’m not underage anymore :sweat_smile: turned 18 just in time!

Didn;t know it was already in the terms and conditions. I did notice, however, that they now include “By logging in, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age” at the bottom of the login page.


This used to be 13. I’m quite sure it was 13 in the ToU as well.

@vivi_1485 Congrats!


Meeting the age limit was never my problem, since I am older, so I thought maybe I was wrong, but now it does not seem that way. And I joined quite early, when Viki was still more or less in the start-up state.

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It was 13+ in the past. It was never an issue for me either as I already was an adult when Viki was founded but I do know there are volunteers who do not meet the requirements. I think the youngest I came across was only 9 years old (he she stated that in the “about me” page). Too young but is it my job to report it? I think not. Viki needs to enforce their own rules better, it’s not the job of the community who already does enough for free for a yearly QC gift.

And no I don’t remember the username of that minor, but it shouldn’t be to hard to find for Viki…


If she hadn’t volunteered that info herself, there’s no way that Viki could have found out about her, or anybody’s age. They ask for our name and an e-mail, that’s all. We could be as young or as ancient as we want people to believe.


@lutra I received the TOS perhaps 2 weeks ago and yes it used to be 13… I even posted it on my profile… must have somehow overlooked the new age requirement so I have to change it.
Indeed the US has 3 states where the age of majority is 19 and 21, omg in today’s times.
That would mean in theory that Viki will loose customers… in those states.

Of course there is a difference between age of majority and age of maturity…
Here a sample of worldwide age of majority:

Few weeks ago when login there was a banner about accepting cookies… and when clicking on option I choose the box reject all… but I haven’t seen that banner yesterday… before it popped up every time I went on main page… and of course I can’t use Disqus as well… it’s always a shaded column… I just do not agree with Disqus cookies policies… that wasn’t necessary before when logged in Viki.

The ever changing fabric of the digital world is just getting almost quarterly worse and worse more restriction more data harvesting more ads… iI understand the security issues, but t’s over my head… all uses more electricity… an upcoming worldwide problem… all runs on electricity the world wants electrical cars because of the environment, but where should the electricity come from???

The EU has different laws regarding accepting cookies than US and else.

This time the TOS does do have a tons of restrictions, it’s a really long list…


Yes that’s true. I think at the end of the day it’s the parents job to know what your child does online. So I assume that when someone has an account here and is volunteering the parents most likely know, or they should. And I see no harm in volunteering here unless they pick content that is not suitable for their age or they get hate PM’s but I think that rarely happens when someone is just a subber in a not so popular language.