Viki comments and Disqus


comments work via Disqus using your viki username.

But you aren’t fully logged into Disqus.
Unfortunately though you get deeper into the Disqus system by directly clicking on a notification (a reply you got for example) or a username, but you can’t do anything (like directly jumping to a reply you got on viki and post a follow up or upvote) because you aren’t really logged into Disqus after all.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to merge your Disqus account with viki or anything similar?

It would be possible and then very convenient if you didn’t have to change to another show’s page or particular episode (which immediately starts playing too), just to post a follow up on another viki user’s reply to one of your comments.

Thank you!


Ive have been very frustrated with disqus lately, since probably a month or two it’s just gotten worse than before. I’m talking about the manageability or using of disqus feature and reply feeds.
The majority of pop ups I get when clicking the red feeds icon.
1)it brings me to a page to login with FB or Google+ etc.
2)or it brings me to a page… darn something went wrong try again later
3)or it tells me that I need an account

When Im lucky and disqus opens replies feed I can no more click on like a reply, this was never a problem before now it is!!! You are forced to find that discussion or page you commented and then read the reply, what a waste of time… it is so silly that disqus has developped such a plan or program.
Occasionally, when posting a comment it asks to login in when Im logged in with viki and have that viki/disqus sync.
Disqus shows also kind of ads links to other discussions outside of viki, like Im interested. If you click on you viki name in comments a disqus pages shows profile ID, it even says when clicking that you are logged in.

I find this very inconvenient when an important communication on team discussions in editor isn’t working correctly, I think it’s time Viki should do something about it. And I don’t need another account to open I will never use elsewhere except here on Viki. Something tells me, disqus wants just more control for 3rd parties sharing incl. their ads.


You’re totally right! I had no idea this had worked before!

Disqus normally works like this. As an independent, outsourced commenting platform. That way your comments and account are independent of all the sites it’s available on.

But if a site like Viki chooses to incorporate it into their system like this, they should take care of that and apply a complete login valid for their site only if this is possible, or at least provide a feature in users’ accounts to create or specify a Disqus account to be used on their sites.

Now it’s just half baked and really so very inconvenient.

I guess it’s also not in Viki’s interest to increase the load on their video delivery system unnecessarily which happens all the time when users have to constantly change to different episode pages just to react to someone’s post and the respective episodes start playing.


I think disqus system should be completely removed, a special comment system for the viki would be quite nice.


Drastic and simple, the egg of Columbus!


I think disqus system should be completely removed, a special comment system for the viki would be quite nice.

I think so too, but I don’t care as much as long as it works.

“Fixing”/working around the Disqus account issue wouldn’t require a lot of work/investment at all -this could be done very quickly! But it’s different with a completely new, handcrafted chat system.

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I want to see these two flavors of disqus integrated, or at least some clear discussion as to how to do it. I use disqus as my central place where i can see my posts and peoples replies across mulitple commenting forums.

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I just recently got onto the disqus, hmmm maybe the younger generation has a cool way of putting it “are you disking us?” pun with words here. I haven’t noticed it, but yes you are right they send me to an entirely different page, and say I need to be subscribed.


@marygrether1_gmail_c this has to do often how fast disqus can validate your id with viki, when you click on notifications. Another issue is that it when you add an comment in red box it says you are not registered or whatever, can’t remember.
All you have to do is refresh your page sometimes once is enough sometimes twice is needed. It’s the either above left a straight arrow or on opera is a round arrow that you click for refreshing, I hope this helps Mary :+1:

Disqus once went so far to send me an email to my gmail (not associated with viki) when I used android tablet telling me to register, I always ignore them. They must have found the email address through android registration, now thats tracking or hacking!!


Thanks simi11. good to know! also wonder if it is tracking or hacking. I will look into that as well

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@vikicommunity , @brendas,

This is what I’ve known, but just today in 2023!! I ran into the problem of being unable to :heart: heart, :+1:t5: thumbs up, or :speech_balloon: comment on the main discussions for a show.

I just checked back, and all the above have :magic_wand: magically returned.

This experience makes this thread, yet again, a valid suggestion.


Thank you for sharing, a friend had a review disappear and I made a comment on another drama page (not using any of the sensitive words) and the comment did not post even after refreshing the page (using my laptop) three times.