[Viki Community Team] 🎁 2022 Year-End QC Gift

Hello Everyone!

We are happy to announce that all 2022 Year-End QC Gifts have now been sent out to those who qualified and filled out the gift form!

If you chose the digital gift option, you should have already received an email with details on how to redeem your digital reward. If you chose the physical gift option, some have already been delivered, and others may still be on the way!

Please kindly note that there are three (3) parts to the physical gift. It is possible that the items were sent out separately, so no worries if you haven’t gotten all 3 yet!

For questions about redeeming the digital gift card, please reach out to help@tremendous.com. For questions about the physical gift items, or any printing errors on your gifts, please reach out to support@printful.com with the packing slip # that came with your package.


:face_holding_back_tears: 3 gifts?! Ooh I can’t wait :heart::heart: thank you :rose::rose:

The current QC would win if he voted for the inbrema right?

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I just wrote a mail to the support for physical gift.
My post office people couldn’t figure out my address and my phone number was not written on the package and they ended up returning it :frowning:
I wish they send it again along with the third gift, I only got the stickers. And I wonder what is the third physical gift. I even prepared the customs fees to take the T- shirts.

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I don’t think there will be third, it was 1 stickers sheet and 2 t shirts :heart:


I didn’t receive the gift, and i filled the form