[Viki Community Team] April 2023 Updates

:heartpulse: Thank you!

To all who joined and participated in our Spring Subathon 2023! :cherry_blossom: :unicorn:

Check out our Spring Subathon Wrap-Up to see some of the achievements that Community has made! Also, in preparation for the next Summer Subathon, please let us know what new animal you’d like to see on the next badge!

The animal poll will close on April 20th 11:59 PM PDT, so get your suggestions in soon! The team will review, and voting will take place at a later date.

:sparkles: Viki Community Corner

As promised, we have launched the Viki Community Corner in Discussions as a dedicated space in which we can keep users updated on new features and tools, and share Contributor Community News and Product Updates and Bugs! We hope this will keep you up-to-date on all upcoming changes!

:sparkles: Thank You from “All the Liquors”

As a small token of Won Do Hyun’s and Kim Joon Hyung’s (from All the Liquors) appreciation for the Viki Contributor Community, we are happy to share this special “Thank you!” video with you all!


It’s great that they are thanking the contributors who created subtitles.


Soon there will be no such contributors to thank. Paid subbers are driving all original-language-to-English subbers away.


THIS. 100 percent.

and the word is VOLUNTEERS, which is now a word being erased…