[Viki Community Team] Channel Manager Application Acceptance and Rejection PMs

Hello community,

We have found that with the new private messaging system, Channel Manager application acceptance and rejection messages are not automatically being sent out. This is a known issue and we will be working on a solution to fix this.

Automatic messages that were supposed to be sent through the Project Finder for requesting to join a team also experienced some problems but these have since been solved.

In the meantime, if you are accepted as Channel Manager, you will still get a message from a Viki Community Team member letting you know you were chosen, along with relevant information regarding the channel. However, if you are rejected from the position, you will not be notified. To check if anyone has already been chosen as the Channel Manager, you will need to go directly to the channel.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work towards fixing this issue. We will be updating you all soon with a list of improvements that can be expected to come to the Inbox.

Viki Community Team

NOTE: We are aware that some of you have received multiple email notifications about a new message from the Viki Community Team, but are unable to locate these messages in your Viki inbox. We want to let you know that we have retracted the announcement as we ran into an unexpected issue.
What we had wanted to share with you is exactly what we have shared in this post. Rest assured you are not missing anything!



I have this mail 3 times and can’t delete them.
I also read all of them and they are always shown as unread :shushing_face:


I had 5 announcements :slight_smile: You can delete the message by hovering over the subject line on the left.

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Hey @teufelchen_netty_266 - this is a known issue that we are working on. Thank you for pointing that out! :slight_smile:


Das geht eben nicht, dass ist das Problem. Du hast ja nicht mal die drei Punkte :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart:

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I got it two times, deleted one. After refreshing the page the inbox symbol on the top right would show me 3 messages, I was looking for that third PM like crazy. After 5-10 minutes the inbox symbol showed 2 messages.
Does it always take longer for the system to “realize” deleted messages are gone?

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It’s erratic. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I also received this message several times in a row (5 times I think) but it doesn’t appear in my inbox, it only appears in my emails.
I can see I have now 7 unread messages which are not appearing…

@jeslynl Did you send this communique to all Viki members? (See below screenshot from teufelchen_netty)
If yes, I didn’t receive one. Is this then still the email receiving an issue?
Thanks Simi

So, weird things never cease!

I received three notification e-mails about receiving this message three times in my Viki inbox.

But when I took a look at my inbox now, lo’ and behold, no messages! What is going on?

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I also get that I have 7 messages but when I go and check, there’s nothing there. At least, I’m glad I get my ‘‘Go’s,’’ and manage to do the work.

I did received 7 messages so far but I deleted all of them, hoping they won’t show up all the time as unread, but they still do! lol.

Just a thought here, but can somebody figure out exactly what K and C dramas were let - and movies perhaps - to CM’s so those of who may have applied for something and have these weird notifications can figure out what was actually hired on? POST A LIST PLEASE :slight_smile:

Between the mass deletions of the other day that will occur and this new bug, it may help us get some of idea of what may arrive, when, and for whom :). Thank you.

Honestly, I’m a little bit disappointed that we won’t get notified that we were “rejected”. It happened until now, and if someone was really interested in that respective drama, that person could apply for the position of moderator, at least. Now, because we won’t know when a CM was elected, unless we are that CM, and we won’t know which drama already has a CM, we won’t get equal chances to apply. Many CM’s, and by “many”, I mean MANY, still go by the rule “first come, first served”. Let’s say I, who work 8 hours a day and also need about 1 1/2 - 2 hours to commute to work and home, won’t be able to check ALL the dramas but once, in the evening, as I get home. While another moderator, who’s at home all day and has all the time in the world to check ALL dramas, will naturally apply and be selected, based solely on the fact that he/she applied first. It doesn’t matter that that person already has 7 on-airs (when the limit is, in fact, 4), it doesn’t matter that that person has 7545423 unfinished projects, but the person applied first, because she was the first to see that someone was appointed.
It’s somehow unfair, and I wish Viki had a solution to this, too…