[Viki Community Team] June 2020 Updates - Site Updates, QC Gift 2019 Updates and More


Knock, knock :blush:
I want not to disturb, only fast ask a question :slight_smile:
Is it right, That on smartphone The chrome side
Not building up properly? Somehow color is missing :slight_smile:
thought I was going to ask, Before I embarrass myself… Maybe that’s the way it should be??


I have no idea, since I don’t have a smartphone, but I’m sure it’s a legitimate question. :slight_smile:


Veggie & no smartphone too :grin:
I’m not the only one anymore :rofl:

(I’m watching a crime/thriller show recently and the character throw simcards, smartphones and old mobile in the sea and my thought was: Do they really throw that in the sea and contaminate the water or is it just temporary or with CGI to keep the water clean? :confused:)


Really? I thought I’d be the last person on earth, lol.

I should hope that film makers know better than to throw phones, etc. into the sea for real. It may be animation or perhaps they throw it in some kind of swimming pool or whatever (and take it out again afterwards) and make it look like it’s in the sea …


Yes, same here, what a surprise :grin:

I really hope they do it like that. Sometimes I wish there’d be some kind of info like: no animals were harmed and no environment was polluted…
(I also fear that couple of ‘ancient themed’ dramas use real fur. In one story the character has some kind of fox fur with complete fox head, body legs and tail around his neck :frowning: )


They usually do that in movies where animals take the leading roles (in western countries at least, not sure about Asia), but it would indeed be good in some other genres as well.
Yes, with fur you never know. Even here (after decades of actions against it) there’s still fur around, nowadays often as useless accessories or ornaments, of which the buyers think it’s fake cause it was cheap. :cry:


And now the mailbox is suddenly WHITE!!! :open_mouth: :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes::astonished::sob:


Omg, really? I hate the dark mode! It gives me anxiety. Was it so hard for you to just keep both modes?


Both modes would have been better for everyone. Then we could just choose what suits us best. I hate the white mode.


i would be happy, if the side works for more then 2 minutes…
since 3 days on, off, on, off


I put the brightness to zero now, but I still see them. :frowning: And everything looks weird and depressing at that.


Thanks Viki, I hated the dark mode. I wonder what big change is coming next… Change the white and blue logo to black and red, maybe?


Amen to everything you said!


Okay, I think I can be officially named “the blonde of the group”…:smiley:
Since the pandemic started, I didn’t really have that much time to enter the Discussions, let alone to read all my e-mails (in case Viki sent us a notification regarding this). The past few days, there were problems logging in, and staying in the subtitle editor. I woke up today to a “dark surrounding”, as I named it, and I was sure, I mean SURE, that it’s a new bug. I was going to patiently wait for a couple of days for it to go away, but thank God I entered Discussions, or else, I would’ve wasted the other half of my only neuron, waiting for the bug to be fixed:))


I dislike the white mode bc I suffer from migraine headaches and the brightness causes me to have flare ups. I like the dark mode although I have poor eyesight lol Yes, I’m a mess.

But if I have to chose the dark mode is my #1 Controlling the brightness in my laptop doesn’t work for me since I don’t see the difference but dark mode is bearable for me.


It doesn’t fit with this viewer! Like another said above, it really hurts my eyes. I’m usually watching in a dark room already, so this doesn’t help at all. I can’t imagine trying to actually WORK on a dark screen!


Hi! Would you mind putting back the light mode?:blush: I liked it better when we could switch between light and dark. It’s too dark when I want to simply browse series, movies, ect. Although I prefer the minimum lightness to my screen, having the dark mode as default tires my eyes much quicker than the light one.


I like your sense of humour :smiley:


Did you try the f.lux app yet? I think they have different presets and you also can use own settings.

With the fur it’s still terrible, same with the animals that are killed for meat (in one new report it was written that each year 50 millions of animals are killed in China for fur :frowning: )


Not yet. I did try adjusting the brightness of my computer but it wasn’t a great success. I will look into your app, though, thanks.

It is horrible. :cry:


@vikicommunity @mariliam @jeslynl @giant_sean
I’m making a last request to Viki technical team, to reconsider for us volunteers to have 2 options available, volunteers who spend endless hours on the screen till their eyes “bleed”!!

I personally like dark mode at night since it doesn’t cause glare, but light mode during day, is there really no way for us volunteers to have this feature granted to us?

Finally, thank you at least the viki box remained in light mode since the blue colored text box caused my eyes a strain.

Your sincere reconsideration will be thousand folds appreciated, although I’m writing here myself, I know all the volunteers will cheer with you and be thankful that you understand, that each of us has his/her own difficulty with the screen, either too dark or to bright.

Thank you very much for reading. :rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose: