[Viki Community Team] June 2020 Updates - Site Updates, QC Gift 2019 Updates and More



Channel Page Sneak Peek

New Channel Page Preview

Some of you may be the first to see the new channel page that’s in the works! Check out the refreshed design and new tabs, including a dedicated Subtitle Team section, coming early July. This preview will be initially available to 5% of users worldwide. A “Give Feedback” link will be available on the new page.

**For this channel page preview, please note that new channels with open channel manager applications will not display the usual application form, but a Google form instead. This is temporary for this preview period while the design is still being worked on. The Community Team will be sure to carefully review applications that come in through both methods.

In other words:

  • For the 5% of all users who get the new channel page preview and want to apply to be a channel manager for a new show, they will still be able to apply, but it will be a Google form.
  • For all other users who see current channel page, the application form will remain the same.

Dark Mode

Starting June 26, dark mode will be the default mode for all Viki users.

Sharing Viewer Feedback

Moving forward, whenever the Community Team receives feedback from viewers who write in regarding contributed subtitles, a Community Manager will relay the message to the appropriate Channel Manager. The Channel Manager can then pass on this message to the relevant Editor or Moderator who may review and decide to accept the suggestion, or not. Kindly note that the Community Team/Manager acts only as a messenger to facilitate the communication. We are only hoping to increase transparency by doing this and will not comment on the validity of the viewer’s feedback.


We haven’t forgotten, we promise! Initially, we were delayed by COVID-19, which affected our staff, and the vendors and shipping companies we’ve worked with in the past. Our team has had to rethink how we complete this yearly project.

As we look at alternative solutions, we’ve been keeping a lot of things in mind. This includes concerns about shipping delays around the world, coordinating with vendors as they reopened, and wanting to work with vendors that would only resume work once it was safe enough for their staff.

We’re really thankful for your continued patience, and our team hopes to have more updates for you soon. :heart:


Dark mode...and whatever else you guys did
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That really, really sucks for us people who don’t have very good vision and their vision is better the more light there is.

But I suppose it’s perfectly useless to say anything. Of so many important things that we asked to make our work here easier, the only thing we see are cosmetic changes.
Enough said, I won’t comment anymore on this. I am totally disappointed and disheartened. Viki doesn’t have my heart anymore.


It would work in some cases, it won’t work in other cases.
Some CM/mods would find it bothersome and how are they going to check it without knowing the language?

Some CM/mods are already aware and think it’s jealousy.
Some CM/mods don’t care already.
Sometimes, the sender is someone who has bad intentions or for personal interest.

It’s a good idea and can work with responsible people.

Yes, there are a few responsible people who will take a fair look and will take appropriate measures, but not the majority.

So if Viki doesn’t intervene more than just a messenger, it has no real power and no motivation to take appropriate measures.

It’s a small change in the good direction, but it doesn’t solve the problem. It’s delegating things but we can’t delegate to anyone. People have to learn how to do it or you know for sure the person will do the delegated task.


You got mine :sparkling_heart:

About the dark mode: Making that default is not good. The way it is announced means it is dark - everywhere - also for messages, profile pages, etc.?

I cannot use dark mode pages for long. If VIKI thinks dark is better because Netflix has dark mode as default I’d like to mention that Netflix is passive viewing only and it is mainly coloured because it has all the icons for the shows and a way better performance than the VIKI page has since the new design/layout/updates were released (e.g. long loading on main page, PM page, episode page etc.)

I’m also disappointed that the changes are again mainly focusing on passive viewers instead of active volunteers.


I understand perfectly. I was glad there was still an option to chose, but when I switch to the dark mode it hurts my eyes. I can fully relate for videos to have a dark mode, that is no longer needed at Viki since the new player is here. Less browsing, less commotion, less server cost?

I got an email this week about this topic, but I think it only had the word “soon” in it.


I very much agree with both of you on the sad departure of the Light Mode. I would just add that the Dark Mode makes me sleepy, strains my eyes and is not work-inducing. As you say, its design fits with the viewers, rather than the volunteers.

I don’t understand why this option must be taken away. Does it make the Viki pages unstable? Does it take so much server space? Are there any benefits to removing it?

Which brings me back to… ta-ta-ta-da!! Volunteer Mode. Not pages, volunteer mode. Where we have fancy options such as the Light Mode :face_with_hand_over_mouth::yum:


I prefer to be able to choose between dark or light mode, but if they have to take one of them away, please not my precious dark mode! Ever since I’ve been suffering from “mouches volantes” white screens are quite horrible to me.


Seriously this is most most bad decision you have take after all that bad decisions you’ve taken previously.
I’m someone who really really really hate dark mods. I don’t switch to dark mode in anywhere, and do avoid every site that use it as default as I can.
Now you’re going to make something so useless again!


Is there at least a way to change the color in the mailbox from bad blue to something else, the blue just hurts my eyes really badly… the mailbox is still not very practical it also still sends a line at Enter instead of going to next line… this should NOT happen… it happens irregularly!

Also, why not just leave the 2 options for volunteers? Volunteers spend so many hours on the screen till they see no more :wink: so giving them the least ease for their preference I think should be doable, like we get free pass, please let us have this option to choose what is more comfortable for us volunteers, Thank You :rose:


Ctrl+Enter takes you to the next line in the mailbox.


It shouldn’t be so… it requires more work… besides why is there a “Send” button… I do not see the logic… :grinning:


I thought it was shift + enter hmm

(In message tools that they seem to imitate you usually can choose if you want enter for sending message or for next line… I think they should offer more individual options to if they change so many things to chat message tools / mobile apps although volunteers use PC for subbing, organizing etc.)


I hope Viki does not blindly just forwarding those messages but think about what the CM can really do with those. And it’s worth it to bother the CM with the ‘problem’.

A few examples:
-Someone PM’s she wants to be an editor because she saw a lot of mistakes.
I asked her to give me a list of all the mistakes she saw. There where 5. 3 was a missing dot at the end, one was a simple typo and lastly the subber forgot to capitalize the first word. Fixed those myself without bothering my editor and thanked her for the list.

-Someone PM’s me that the subs in a language are really bad and she wants to become a mod so she could fix it all.
I asked a friend, who’s a native in that language, to check the quality as someone complained and I cannot check it myself. My friend checked and everything was fine. She asked me who complained. Guess what, that person was known for ruining perfectly fine subtitles for some unknown reason.

-Someone PM’s me someone used Google Translate or 3rd party subs.
I ask them to collect as much proof as they can (making screencaps) and send a report to Viki. It’s their native language so their reports will be better then mine unless it’s about English or Dutch subs. It would be really stupid if Viki forwarded those back to me while I just told that person to write Viki to have that account suspended and subs removed._

-Someone PMed me telling me the mod didn’t respond for days and if I could add her to the team.
That moderator was a friend so I asked her if she might have missed a PM. Turns out that person only PMed her 30 minutes ago._

So please when you forward things to CM’s make sure to read the messages carefully and don’t make CM’s annoyed with messages that are not even worth forwarding to us.


And one more people PM me in all sorts of languages. If someone does send me a PM in a language I don’t know I delete those messages. Because: Why bother trying to understand what they say when they cannot be bothered to make sure I can understand. At times I write back in Dutch to see if they get the hint. It’s rare they respond back in English. Most just ignore and never respond again.

And those “I want to help” or “I can sub in’…” No mention of which Kdrama whatsoever, how should I know on which Kdrama you want to work or in what position. Send me a proper PM with the name of the Kdrama, what position you want and don’t forget the language. I don’t want to spend time on figuring out on which Kdrama you want to work or in one position/language. All the time I tried to figure it out hardly anyone responded back so I stopped bothering.

And those messages like “I cannot watch”, “Where are the subs”, “I have Roku and it doesn’t work”, “License it for my region” and let’s not forget the rants about them having VikiPass so I owe them a lot of things. Or the PM’s where people rant that they need VikiPass and they don’t want to.


Fully agree. Hate the dark mode as it strains the eye. They should maintain the two options - light and dark.


Let’s not fight over it, since the decision is as it is. The big bonus is a white screen can be softened, the black one can’t because the contrasts will fade early on.

When I started working in the late 80’s we had dark screens and yellow letters. Why? Because it is better for the eyes, but soon enough not the eye health was in the focus but the appearance. This year teached us in many ways how important health is, but well …

@mirjam_465 If you are suffering from “mouches volantes” white screens you might consider the setting of your screens, you might need to adjust the brightness level, if you rely on battery it can help save some energy too.

PS.: Sometimes I really have this nostalgic feeling and long back for the dark gray and green combo of very old Viki, it might not have been trendy, or any fashionably blue, but it was so calming to the eyes.


The option to disable the send function by using enter doesn’t work for you?


Some old community pages (not VIKI) I used for many years had also dark green/grey colour scheme and I really liked it because it was good for the eyes, neither to bright nor too dark but for whatever reasons when internet got more volume, PCs more RAM etc. they changed the colour schemes too either terrible bright white/blue or too dark black/white layouts; but some pages brought the green/gray scheme back (not 100% same colours but similar) after their community members complained about the new layouts.

So in the end I stick to the grey/green layout even now after many years :slight_smile:



You could try f.lux app for PC; it helps when pages are too bright white (but doesn’t solve the problems I have with dark mode/pages).

(I originally used the settings for/within Windows but after one update it didn’t work/help anymore - night mode etc. - so now I’m using the flux app and it’s fine)


f.lux is amazing. I have been using that for years when someone mentioned it and I decided to give it a try too. I had to get used to it as at first everything looked some yellow and orange but now everytime I have to switch it off I will switch it back on ASAP. (My bank uses a security thing with colors you need to scan, won’t work if f.lux is on in the late afternoon/evening.)