[Viki Community Team] Manage Channel Transition Announcement

Hello everyone!

We wanted to let you know that as part of some system upgrades, the “Manage Channel” section on Viki channels will be moving from viki.com to contribute.viki starting March 29th, 2023 (7PM PST). And that we’ve also made a few improvements to “Manage Channels”!

What’s new?

The “Manage Channel” section url will now be preceded by “contribute.viki.com/” and will also look a little different.

Here are some noticeable changes:

  • The “Back to Channel” button: this will allow you to easily navigate back to the channel you are managing.
  • Slight word changes and placement
    • Examples:
      • English Description :arrow_forward: English Synopsis
      • Channel Translation :arrow_forward: Synopsis Translation
  • “Send Messages” feature will appear at the bottom of every tab. Also, the spacing between the boxes will be reduced so you can view and send the messages section without scrolling much.

Changes throughout the tabs:

  • Team tab

    • To add someone to a team, add their username to the search box and click on the “plus” sign. No need to click “save” anymore!

    • We have added a “See More” button with a drop down section. We hope this helps you all navigate more easily within the different team role sections, especially the teams that have a bigger number of contributors within the team!

  • Team Settings tab

    • “Hide a Team”, we have made it easier for you to select the team/s that you want to hide from appearing in Project Finder, by moving the “Hide Team” option to the top.
    • Hide/unhide a team can be done by toggling the eye icon. Once Channel Managers and Language Moderators are done recruiting members for their team (their team is full), they can easily hide their language or segmenting team from Project Finder.
  • Video Management tab

    • Last but not least the Timed Comments quick search box: this will allow you to more easily search for comments that contain words you would like to remove.
      • To do this go to:
        • Manage Channel :arrow_forward: Video Management :arrow_forward: Select the episode/clip you want to focus on :arrow_forward: type word you would like to remove :arrow_forward: Click on the “X” on the left-hand side if the comment needs to be removed.

Kindly Note that the “Manage Channel” button will continue to be located on the lower right corner of the title image.

Though these changes can be considered small, we hope that this cleaner look will help you navigate more easily through the tabs and options offered within the “Manage Channel” section!


Love the changes, and absolutely love the search function for Timed Comments.
Now since we are at it, could you please also edit the manage video page of episodes and show the episode no of the episode being edited rather than the video number?


I would prefer it if you would change things that really make sense.

How about the inbox? Deleting multiple mails at once or creating folders to better sort the mails that belong to a channel would be a good start.

But I’m looking forward to your changes and hope that they don’t cause more problems than we already have at the moment.


And a search option so that we can find back even the messages from a while ago.
But maybe first just make it load quicker…


Hi, everyone. Thanks for your feedback and the positive responses! We’re excited we could share the move of the Manage Channel page to our contribute.viki.com subdomain and we look forward to it helping us with development speed & efficiency in the future. Onward!


Or like I suggested a button to remove your CM applications…


A quick search for “Timed Comments” within “Video Management” was already possible with a quick “CTRL+F” and inputting the “word” or “sentence” one would like to look up for deletion. Just saying… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you for continuing to work on beneficial and helpful changes. :partying_face:
Please make it your priority to revamp the inbox. :pleading_face: :saluting_face:


Thank you for the update! I’ve been looking forward to the “Back to Channel” button, that’ll be a great help :smiley:

I hope we’ll see some change regarding the inbox next - like deleting multiple messages without the inbox getting bugged, or even creating folders like Alex suggested! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Now that we’re on it, please replace TD by something made by Viki so that everyone will have access. Or fix the problems with the current TD, like you promised years ago.


While we are at it, I would like to request a search function for subtitlers inside the Team Manage tab. Some bigger language communities add around 30-40 subtitlers, so it somewhat difficult to search for added subbers of other languages. A search function to search for a language’s subtitlers will be great.

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You can already do that with Control F, although on the new Manage page, you have to unfold the entire list of subbers before you do so.

Yup, unfolding was the issue. Humans are lazy, indeed. A simple typing some words and pressing enter, would be hassle free. Plus that way, we won’t need to jump around the page looking for the scattered language subtitlers.

The new “Manage Page” sucks!
When deleting Timed Comments, there is a confirmation pop-up window for every f***** comment you want to delete.
In popular shows, where there are hundreds of inappropriate ones, this can make the work twice as slow and ten times as frustrating.


Hi Irmar,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We wanted to let you know that the confirmation pop-up window has been removed and no longer appears after the removal of each timed comment. Thank you for your patience!


Oh, really? That’s wonderful!
First time we complain about something and it gets fixed so soon!
Thank you to whomever brought this to the attention of the higher-ups and made it happen.