[Viki Community Team] March 2020 Updates - The New Inbox! ✨

Wow, what a mess! Sent messages and incoming ones mixed all together. And you can delete only one at the same time. What about moderators, who informed their teams and have to delete around 15 and more messages? Or channel managers with a few hundreds? All one by one? Or did I miss something?

And if you want to reply, there’s just one line down down down almost on the screen margin.

You can’t send a message to yourself, I used to send me messages in order to verify, if promotions look alright.

It’s disabled to click on the users name and get directed to their pages and I’m missing the mailbox button on the users profiles.

This is improving for the worse, sorry!


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: woua alors la nouvelle mise en place de la page Messagerie perso interne Viki Non NOn NON vraiment mais vraiment … ne l’imposez pas pour tous les supports internet …

voila retour impression en la découvrant

I have Opera, I gave up firefox since it was just eating my battery crazily!
So on my windows 10 task bar isn’t any sent button because it is a windows software and it only shows windows/icons that are used like kkt or opera browser or paint etc.
There is nothing also on Edge browser, I have also NO Viki staff announcement, didn’t they sent out a new memo??

Oh wow, I just realized the new messaging system replaces these things "XD and : ( and : ) " with actual emoticons.


Great job, Viki! I like this new mailbox. I will wait for your work’s finalization. Right now, I only hope for two things: being able to write more than 2,000 words and being able to do a discussion search.

More “social networks” than “professional email”. I like this!

Change is always scary. In the end, everyone gets used to it. Like always.


I have a problem.
I have a message not appearing in my inbox. I just received it by email but it’s not in my inbox whereas when I’m on my computer on Viki, it clearly says I have an unread message. Even while going to unread messages in filters I can’t see it.

The “1” saying I have a message appears only when refreshing the page.
@jeslynl could you do something about this?

Plus “read” should be translated by “lus” in French, not “lire” which is the verb not conjugated.

I still need to test it but: We have a subject line!!! :partying_face:


same here. i have 4 unread mails, but there is none


I am… lost. And… annoyed. It seems that when a CM sends a PM to the whole team, every reply will show up in my Inbox as well, if I was part of the list with Sent recipients. Let’s say the CM sends the go to a team of 20 moderators. If every moderator sends back a “thanks” or anything else, I will have 20 new PM’s. Also, maybe a certain mod would like to share something else with the CM, something more delicate or private… With the new feature, sorry, we’ll all see everything…:smiley:
It’s not an Inbox anymore. It’s a chat. It’s confusing. Me, a blonde, has received “episode 2 from x is ready” 5 times already, today. It was not the same PM, but a reply to that PM. And I was thinking… how many times are they going to “ready” episode 2…?.. Ufff…


I can’t write a message via someone’s profile anymore. Why did you remove the mailbutton?

Where is the outbox?

Why is that empty textbox dominating instead of showing a list of mails at that place?


@deval_chloe @teufelchen_netty_266 I’ve reached out to you privately for more information regarding the issue you are experiencing in your Viki inbox — have a look at your email inbox! :slight_smile:

And why can’t I click on a user’s name in a message anymore to open her profile?

If new layout means removing everything that was good it’s just getting worse.

I really wish you’d ask what and how we’d like to have it before removing.


No, we won’t. Because the option to send notifications to the drama followers is gone (or at least I wasn’t able to find it on the channel I’m CM for).

I still didn’t send a message to someone, but it resembles the chats on WhatsApp way too much for my taste. Once again, my opinion is that the old version was just fine and I liked it better… but as someone already said, we’ll need to get used to it.

From all the missing things already listed I want to add one more. The :mag: to search for dramas on the message page, it’s bothersome having to go to my profile just in order to use the mag there when I could be using it directly on the messages page (like it used to be).


ALL THIS BUGS ARE IN CELLPHONE Hi in my case the email take to long time for appears the message even if I reload them doesnt work.
Please fix it
I suggest that put the icon of message on profile. It is more easier in to messages or to send a message
I cannot see all message and the inbox doesnt work


I no longer receive email notifications when I get a message.

The new inbox it’s so messy. All the messages together… :tired_face:

@sandia28 You have to active the email notifications to get them.

I already did that, it doesn’t work.

Maybe @jeslynl could help to see what’s happening with your email notifications?

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

It’s not “on” it’s “behind” I only see a small stripe left from the sent button, like we see that blue stripe while we type a comment like this.

Memo, what memo?