[Viki Community Team] March 2020 Updates - The New Inbox! ✨


Site Updates: The New Inbox!

We’re excited to finally announce that it’s officially here! You can now check it out by visiting your inbox here. There will be a few pop-ups to guide you on the new features, but here’s a couple highlights:

  • Username validation when adding recipients to a message
  • Group messaging so you can send and receive messages in the same chat
  • Announcements tab to display all official staff communications in one place
  • Subject lines… and more!

You can read more details by visiting the FAQ page here.

Please note that this is phase 1 of the new inbox, and additional features are being worked on, including a search function, folders, and so much more!

Other things to note:

  • Messages do not arrive in real-time, so please refresh to view your new messages!
  • At this time, HTML formatting is not available. Links will still render, but this is also being worked on for future inbox updates!
  • Email notifications are off by default. You can learn how to turn them on/off, as well as more detailed info on the frequency of email notifications in the FAQ linked above!

A feedback survey link will be made available in the inbox. So please try it out and share your thoughts there!

A Note to Community

Like so many of you, our team has been closely following the news on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and thinking about how it affects us, our friends, families, and loved ones. It’s also been a powerful reminder of how connected we are and the strength of community. We’ve heard countless stories of how many of you have formed lasting friendships here on Viki, reaching out and supporting each other through the years.

Please take care and remember you’re also always welcome to reach out to a Community Team member if you have any questions or concerns.


Viki Community Team



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This happened when I clicked.


Good catch! We had that fixed. Thank you for flagging, @jedelande! You should be able to see the FAQs now. :slight_smile:


Really? I mean really, I can increase the place I am typing at I have one line and if I write …

Hello xxx!
and push enter it is already send?

I have one line to write? Is this only a problem with a laptop?

It’s 7.30 am I don’t have the time now to read up all the information, but that is just what happened while I tried to just add one PM to a “thread” with a friend.

I will look into it again later, just wanted to give you a first impression.

P.S. Edit - I know that the last written PM was from another person, or maybe it was the second one, anyway now it is in the 6. place or so, it is sorted by the first PM written and not by the last PM I got from the writer.
This is kind of confusing …
I read that comment when the maintenance was in progress, but I didn’t know since the techies were to early. Anyway is this the way it will stay. It will sort PMs by the first one that started the “PM thread”?
I am getting a major headache, not for me I do not have that much conversation but others …


Since folders and search is still on the way, I will not comment on their lack.

I’m just reminding you of two very important things:
Subject line is a good thing, provided there will be “sort by subject”.
And of course “sort by sender”
The old messages that were copied here not only don’t have HTML formatting but they also don’t have change of line. It shows everything together, although I surely had put three different lines in the following:

so that’s why I’m asking for your input. Have a nice day irmar

It was:

bla bla bla

Have a nice day


The most important thing:
What’s the point of the preview? We can see the message if we click on it.
What’s the point of having a very fat, thick box for each message header? Three could easily fit where you have only one.
If you’re really keen on having these two, you could put them as options in Settings. Whoever wants can have a preview, whoever doesn’t care for it can disable it. Just like in Outlook Express, just like in Hotmail and Yahoo, just like in every serious email handler program or platform. Same for the sparse or compact view.

Sorry for shouting, but just imagine me shouting. I want to be perceived as shouting. Who is the person who thought this view was practical? There are days we have dozens of messages, so should we interminably stroll to have an idea of what is there? And no, search won’t help, as we don’t always know or remember the names of all the people who wrote to us.


OMG, so here my first impressions, is ist just me on Opera browser, anyone
else using a different browser where layout looks different??

  1. chaotic layout, the color blue is killing my eyes, let me please change the color

  2. that huge middle space to “get chatty”, is this the most important task as in opposite to read organized emails? If you eliminate the huge middle place you can place more emails rows, I can see more emails on my iPhone 6 screen than on my 14" laptop :hushed::disappointed_relieved:
    You can use a pop up window to open a mail instead using this as a space holder to open emails while a summary of all emails is cramped in a corner.

  3. where is emails SENT button?? Please bring it back is the most normal thing when you need to track an mail you sent, perhaps it’s still in the works…

  4. I think it would make sense all mails in the middle like any email software, google, aol etc.

  5. bring back pages instead of never ending scrolling…

  1. Bring back the EMAIL icon for direct email writing on vikimembers profil, folks have already so little time when volunteering and this just makes more work, more steps… unbelievable… perhaps it’s just waiting to be placed in another corner, merci.

I hope other folk will share their view on the “user friendly features.” Perhaps is the product not finished yet??


It’s good to know you will work on more functions, but to give us some dates would be helpfull. I send many standard messages containing links to pictures and don’t know for how long it woun’t show correctly.
We still have “Announcement” but took “Sent” away, for me it’s very importanat. DOes it mean we will get all “Notifications” from chanell managers in Inbox? Sometimes I receive 7-8 same messages from different chanels…
To see the date of message received is fine, but I often use counting days (especially for those sent messages, I need to know how long it is since I sent the last one to a certain person).
Please allow to send more letters at the same time The message I send splits to 3-4 smaller messages in the midle of word… and longer messages must be unrolled…
The last missing thing for me is quick access to sender’s profile page. Before I needed to just click on senders name and I jumped to profil page, but now I have to copy nickname and write the link in browser manually.
Another note: Once the message about refreshing page appears, I am unable to unroll last message if I didn’t do it immediatelly as I opened the conversation.


I would like to see which mail is new.
It was recognized early on by the fact that the new mail had a thicker font than a read one.
Now everything looks the same.

and on the profil pages of user you there is no :envelope_with_arrow: to write people.

and no outbox anymore?

  • I can’t write more than one line… How do I construct a long message like this?
  • Please show the number of new messages beside each thread. This was a problem with the old one, please don’t repeat it. The one now doesn’t even show well the difference between the read and the unread ones. They look almost the same.
  • I don’t know how much technology it requires to make messages appear in real-time. But I suppose it’s not rocket science since this is what we have here in Discussions. The system of not allowing people to send a message in multiple lines means that, to relay a whole message, we would have to use at least 5 or 6 lines per message. Because most of our messages aren’t chit-chat, they are discussions of important topics. So this requires to keep refreshing endlessly in order to keep up with the messages, without even a clue to know whether there are new replies or not. If you’re making it into a “chat”, make it a real-time one.

This is important too.
I hope you consider this for your Phase 2.
I don’t really care much about interface but I care for practicality.

Positive things:
I like the subject line and the group-chatting feature. Now we can all discuss something together without the need to find elsewhere to do so.


I won’t say things which have already been said like the unroll thing which is not practical at all or things like that.
But one thing I really needed is not here anymore!
Can you explain how to send thanks cards or things like this if you can’t send them on the messages anymore like we were doing before? I don’t like the idea of the link to the thanks cards added on another website. Or even just to send an image to our team to motivate them or something like that.
It’s not the most important, but things like that can be motivating sometimes and make us smile.

And obviously I don’t like the fact we have to unroll, I can’t unroll more than 15 messages right now on my computer whereas on my phone I can see all my messages and it’s way better.

But one positive thing, if we need to talk about one thing with a small group of people we now can do it. That’s the only thing I see which I think is really good.


Well, great (sarcasm) I just wake up and see this mess. I go to answer my 20 MESSAGES and it won’t even load them. Another day of bugs…

I’ve tried reloading the page… nothing. It says it’s “loading” then blank… Ugh!

I mean I literally updated my Chrome just now and nada… I can see my mail in my Edge browser. But I only work on Viki in Chrome! FIX THIS!!!


if you change from night to day it is less blue

It’s only for now, I hope things will change too.

I found mine “behind” the “bar” from win10, since the last update it will just stay and not collapse as it should. Anyway position of sent button is questionable. Did you try to hit ENTER? That’s what made me start a 2nd PM since the first was sent.


Just type away, like in a blind flight, never hit enter …
For now the only way, at least in my case it is and it sounds like it may be the same for you.


@lutra @tweet998
To be able to write more than one line, you can press shift and enter at the same time. So you will be on the next line and the message won’t send.


@deval_chloe Thanks I will try later, when I have the time. I am able to use my 10 fingers, so it’s okay, and if one line is filled it will move up and is visible, it’s just somewhat of a headache.

@vikicommunity @jeslynl

Don’t mind that we might be not as exited as you are on the other side, if you just use 1:1 PMing it is okay, if it gets into longer conversations PMing now is just a … bit uncomfortable.


As you can see it “loads” and when it finishes loading… blank! Latest version of Chrome!!!
@vikicommunity @jeslynl


@lutra Wow what a difference from day and night, but I always keep it on night since white is a glare thing for me, I think the blue at night is a wrong color code just as some white lettering even the date is barely visible… but I don’t have the brightness at max level.

Nope could not find the SENT button, which bar you mean, I have just mail settings wheel and Filter:
Oldest to Newest
Newest to Oldest

what browser are you using?

The new Video player beta version - I hate it!

@kakashiandme Thanks for flagging - I have escalated this internally for it to be looked into. I will follow up with a ticket, check your email in a while!

@ Everyone else: Thank you for your feedback on the inbox so far. We might not address them right away or reply to all but rest assured that the team is reviewing all your feedback. We hope you keep testing it. Stay tuned!

If you have a tip or two to share with fellow community members, please do so! :slight_smile:


Task bar - sorry, “Wortfindungsstörung”, what word do you use? Or is it really difficulty to find the right words.

Modzilla Firefox


This new look on the inbox…
I’m sorry, but I can’t say that I like it. The messages are a lot harder to read when they’re “clumped together” like that. Just like a chat conversation? Why?
I liked the old inbox a lot more.
Why can’t we click on the sender’s username and be redirected to the user’s Viki-profile anymore? And why would my “read” messages be displayed in a bold black so that they look very much “unread”?
I don’t like to whine about stuff, but it’s sad to exchange something that was fine into something that’s not half as good…
I’m afraid many users will be dissatisfied with this… @vikicommunity