[Viki Community Team] March 2021 Updates


If you look at Project Contributions on your own profile and don’t sort by channel role, all the projects you have ever worked on are sorted by some algorithm which I cannot figure out
Initially, I thought it would show when I last contributed but that is definitely not so.
For example, right now on my page the first project is The Penthouse 2 – episode 10 which I have been working on sporadically for the past 7 hours. The information is NOT real time - it was updated four hours ago but people are actively subbing it as I write this. The English completion is REAL Time at 86% which I confirmed by looking through the manage video function. The % is currently the same % shown in video mode.
Next on my page is All About My Romance. We completed English on that in 2013 and I haven’t contributed at all to that channel since 2013. That is because three days ago someone wrote a sub in some other language.
Then I thought it was sorted according to when anyone last worked on the channel, but that isn’t so either.
Third is River Where the Moon Rises, Episode 9 which was updated 4 days ago. However, according Team activities, there has been other languages subbing episode 10 for the past several days including 15 minutes ago. So this project should be second after Penthouse 2!!
Has anyone figured out the algorithm for “all” project contributions?

Now I tried a sort of project contributions by channel role.
Once again it seems within a given role such as Manager, the projects appear to be randomly appearing. It’s not alphabetic, by broadcast date; by number of contributions as a subber or segger, or by recency of work by me or anyone else.

PS – I don’t know why part of this post is bold.


The computers are taking over :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


More likely than that, the project may have come up on your Project Contributions list because its licence changed for one or several regions around the world.

Since Europe gets a lot of the licence changes, we immediately see the effect of a project changing place on that web page. It’s actually a good indicator of when the project you completed or been working on has (usually) lost its licence. Rarely it is the other way around, where a project regains the licence.


This is not an improvement. It’s a handicap! :rage:


Why do you make it more and more complicated for contributors? Are you going to get rid of us?


Viki just change the changes back to how they where and instead add some folders, search option and bulk delete for the inbox. Now that would be helpful.


I do not like this update :disappointed:, please Viki to bring things back as they were, it is better for all of us :blossom:


It gets even worse. Now everyone who doesn’t accept Social Media Cookies is robbed of Team Discussion in the subtitle editors. Without a warning. Team Discussion simply seems to have stopped existing. It used to work fine with functional cookies only, but now we are being blackmailed into selling our soul. :rage:
And most people won’t even notice it, cause it’s done sneakily.

So now we can’t access our on-going projects in our Contribution List anymore and we can’t access TD anymore, unless we accept totally unnecessary invasions in our lives. What’s next?

Viki should cherish people who are spending such a huge amount of their time, energy and skills to serve them without asking a daim for it, but instead they are just blocking our way.
Needless to say I’m furious! :bomb:


I have the Team Discussion tab, but not the ability to comment. Hopefully it’s just something temporary!

A couple of times I had to approve Disqus cookies in order to see the comments under shows. The same approval would apply to all Disqus components on the site, including the Team Discussion.


The first time I used Team Discussion I had to accept Disqus cookies too, but I accepted only the functional ones and still had access to TD.
Since now (for me) there is not even a TD tab I would say that the problem lies with Viki, rather than with Disqus.






Denying us access to Team Discussion if we don’t accept Social Media Cookies is obviously a violation of this law. Our consent is not “freely given” this way.



Fire the fool who thought this one up. For someone like me who has up to 4 pages of projects I do… I depend on the Projects page to keep me informed and know what dramas I’m working on. Now, if it goes, I won’t even lie… I will forget what I’m working on and it’s my responsibility to keep the English team on their toes. If I disappear, so will the editing team…

Out of sight, out of mind!

This was the PERFECT TOOL that allowed me to know what episode I had done or worked on…

This is a disaster in the making! Did anyone in Viki ask us if we used this at all? I don’t recall getting a questionnaire about this.


I just remembered I’ve got an email asking for our feedback yesterday. It’s the same as always (how satisfied you are, what we did well, what can we do better).


Yay! YAY! We got it back :smiley: Thank you Viki


Hi everyone, ICYMI, we have brought back the video blurb based on our community’s feedback! :tada:

We also shared why we removed it and some things you should note in a mini update here. Check it out!