[Viki Community] Project Contribution page updates


Dear community,

Thank you for being patient with us.

We’d like to let you know about the changes you will see on your Project Contributions page in the upcoming weeks.

We are (1) fixing the issue where some of you observed that your Project Contribution pages were missing some projects or were completely empty. In addition, as shared with you in our April 2021 updates, we are (2) bringing back the video blurb (including shortcuts to Subtitle Editor and Segment Timer) to your Project Contributions page. These will be released sequentially over the next weeks.

We share further details below.

(1) Fixing issue with empty Project Contribution pages

What happened?
In April, in compliance with licensing contracts, the team at Viki needed to archive all channels whose licenses have expired. The unintended consequence of archiving these channels was that the channels got removed from view on the Project Contribution page of community members who contributed to these channels. This is why many of our community members, especially long-time contributors, saw that

  1. Their Project Contribution page was empty
  2. Project Contribution pages across profiles were unevenly paginated

*Note: If you have contributed on a channel that has been archived, your contribution counts are not affected.

Our solution
We understand that having a complete log of the channels that community members have participated in is critical in helping them land their next project, and is especially useful for Channel Managers and language Moderators in the recruitment of team members. We want to continue to facilitate that, and thankfully the team was able to come up with a solution that allows archived channels to continue showing up on Project Contribution pages while still being accordant with licensing contracts.

What’s new
Despite being archived, we are bringing back the channels to community members’ Project Contribution page. Your role and number of contributions on the channel (if any) will also remain. These channels, however, will be view-only and will not be clickable. This is to ensure that our community’s needs are met while still being compliant with the contract terms with our content providers.

Previously What’s new
If a community member has one or more contribution (subtitle or segment) on any channel, the channel will show up on their Project Contribution page, regardless of channel status (active or expired; no indication) If a community member has one or more contribution (subtitle or segment) on any channel, the channel will show up on their Project Contribution page, regardless of channel status (active, expired, or archived)
Expired channels could be found on Viki
> On channels where license has expired, the channel will display as unavailable in region
Expired channels that are archived will no longer be found on Viki
Community members were able to click-through to view expired channels via Project Contribution page Expired channels that are archived will continue to be displayed on community members’ Project Contribution page as view-only
> Archived channels will not have active channel pages

(2) Bringing back the video blurb

Why did we remove the video blurb?
Information displayed on the video blurb — including last contributed episode and last contributed date — has been inaccurate. The information here reflects the last contributed episode and date of any volunteer who last worked on the channel, instead of the profile owner’s own activity.

In addition to this, in lieu of the team’s ongoing efforts to fix several problems with contribution counts, having to keep this component was, in technical aspects, in conflict with our fixes. Extracting the video blurb was to help pave our system for more development in the future. Considering both scenarios, we decided to sunset the video blurb.

Bringing back the video blurb and things to note
Once the video blurb was removed, we read feedback and saw how without it, especially the shortcuts to Subtitle Editor and Segment Timer, our community felt heavily inconvenienced. Hence after some deliberate adjustments to our engineering plans, we are bringing back the video blurb.

However, bringing back the video blurb will not be without limitations. We want the community to be aware that “Updated X months ago” and the last updated episode will continue to be inaccurate, if not even more inaccurate than before, until the contribution count system has been fixed. This is due to data migration issues for our contribution count fixes (coming soon; to be announced at a later date).

Once the contribution count system has been fixed, and as community members continue to contribute, the discrepancies will gradually lessen and the information displayed on the video blurb will eventually be representative.

We hope this post can address the questions, concerns, doubts and frustration you’ve had over the past few weeks.

[Viki Community Team] March 2021 Updates
[Solved] Known issue: Projects not showing up on Project Contributions page
[Solved] Known issue: Projects not showing up on Project Contributions page
[Solved] Known issue: Projects not showing up on Project Contributions page
Mass Delete on Viki?

Thank you for the hard work. And good luck further!


Thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Love that you’re bringing back the video blurb. And thanks for the info on the archived channels, I was about to go mad searching for channels I knew were there somewhere on Viki, lol.
At least it’ll lower the number of bad reviews and comments!^^


The changes are now visible on my profile.

Thanks Viki Staff!


I see changes too, however, most of them are old fan channels, that came back, only naming the channels.
Recently “deleted or not, at least no longer visible” channels do not surface, such as Coffee House, Stars Falling From the Stars, …

I don’t understand where Viki displays a channel or not, where is the parameter to list a project on my profile or not, I am more confused than before.

I can’t look them up by role, then I am left with only a page, to three pages looking at all the contribution, still have only three projects on the first page …

Will the adjustments still need to be concluded, or is this it? Or is it because in earlier channels there was no “role” given, because you could just access the channel to subtitle or segment, so these projects won’t be listed?


Hi @lutra, the 2 changes mentioned in the post will be rolled out one after another as noted in the post.

The one that has just been released is “(2) Bringing back the video blurb”. We made some last-minute changes in the sequence, which might have caused confusion, sorry!

The rest will be addressed (or resolved) when “(1) Fixing issue with empty Project Contribution pages” has been completed.


Thank you for the update :sunflower:


Okay, those fan channels are now gone again, will see when it is all done.


THANK YOU! I was on cloud 9 when I saw the recent projects… I couldn’t be more happier than I am right now.


Thank you for the video blurb.

I can only hope TD will come back as well. The site is supposed to function with functional cookies only so we should not be forced to accept social media cookies.


@jeslynl I still have only 1 project on the first page, then I have to go to page 2 to see a whole list of project, so it’s not corrected yet, although I see the blurb video of last contribution.

I did logout/login no change, also on my overview page it shows “just 1 project” not like before several ones, was it perhaps 5/6 projects before??

I also found a change in the sequel of my Rating Reviews, they are somehow all mixed up with the years…

Mass Delete on Viki?

This problem I am having as well. 4 on page 1 and the rest from side 2 on


@simi11 @teufelchen_netty_266 My earlier reply to Lutra might give you some clarity!


@lutra @simi11 @teufelchen_netty_266 Tagging you guys to let you know that old channels are now back on your Project Contributions page! For information on some display and functional changes, you can catch up via the original post of this thread (just above!) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for continuing to respond to volunteers’ concerns and suggestions. :rose:

About the above (as quoted), I’m glad that old/archived channels are brought back on our PC pages. Pertaining to only my case, I noticed that:

  1. Channels I did not participate in and did not contribute anything, have been added to my PC pages. The channel that caught my attention and made me dig in further is “Lucia’s Secrets” which I am sure I did not participate in at all.

  2. Channels I did participate in and did contribute in some way, have been zeroed off. Though I must add that there are channels I’ve contributed in and are showing some contribution count. I’m just not sure now if those numbers are accurate although I’m never concerned about contribution count per se. And no, I have no evidentiary way to back up my observation.

Fellow volunteers, please do check your PC pages. Perhaps you have some form of evidentiary evidence? I don’t think my case is unique. :muscle:

@vikicommunity @jeslynl For your info. Thank you.:rose:


I can’t see anything unusual on my project pages. :thinking:

I do have a case, though, where I was put in as a subtitler without being asked. Could that be the same for you?


I only noticed that the sequence of projects I worked on is 1 project I worked recently and then it continues with years old projects of dramas or movies that have been removed from Viki, After all that it then continues with projects I for example finished a months ago and there after… it’s a strange sequence.


Anyone else having projects that were officially fan-channels (I mean the rare stuff like French and Turkish channels) showing, but other’s with even more contribution are missing?

So for one drama Oh, My Lady for example, was as far as I can remember my 2nd channel to work on. It got deleted and re-uploaded, and it doesn’t show on the contribution page. Could that be a special case?

But there is another one the drama Athena, was only deleted and never re-uploaded?

Is it just bad luck or is it as we in Germany say “Die Tücke steckt im Detail.”, I only found the English “The devil is in the detail”, don’t know if that is the only way to put it in words. Anyway in German we don’t use “devil” but malice (Tücke).


What’s the plan? Is there currently a plan, or will there be attention given to the many shows languishing half done with subtitles? A lot of these shows have been there for years, months etc. Maybe a special task team could be created to tackle these kind of shows? They could have the same function as the regular teams, but under a badge as a special task team. They also can recruit many teams. Those on this team cannot participate in regularly recruiting teams, unless they are no longer on the special task team. What do you each think? Is this an approach that might get the Viki website up to 100% subtitled?


A Special Task Team sounds really good, like some under cover police officers :joy:
This can be a good idea to get all shows completed in their languages.
But the question remains, who is going to guarantee that the people in STT are actually good in their language, they might just be uncaught abusers who’ll get more power. Will the people who worked as hard as the people in STT but couldn’t be a part of it feel really happy about not being a part of STT? Will the people in STT misuse their power at some point of time, will they increase biasness in this already divided community?

A STT does add to my fantasy and I want to see one and how they’ll function, but just like every other feature on Viki, this can also have its own demerits.