[Viki Community Team] May 2024 Updates

I simply talked about the fact that there are different situations that provide good reasons for reports. In my opinion, some dynamics behind the scene would’ve been weaker as well if Viki reacted in time and accordingly as well. There were quite a few cases in Viki’s past where someone claimed innocence even if they weren’t innocent at all - and it’s rather simple to prove these claims. Still, I am not referring to whatever you mentioned since I don’t know the details and I don’t think it’s helpful to discuss it in details in here either. This thread is about finding solutions and discussing the whole picture and possible issues with the changes. However, if someone got caught for violations once and quietly starts over/ doesn’t repeat things, likely nothing happens.

While it is the reporter’s interest to only provide conclusive evidence that meets the requirements (for example, in games you shouldn’t send in screenshots older than XX months if you want to report someone), it shouldn’t really matter to Viki. It’s part of their job to carefully check and verify any claims as mentioned previously. I don’t deny at all that some reports might not be justified for one reason or another, but that’s just natural. For example, you receive reports where someone wants to report an insult which isn’t considered punishable. Or someone reports a scam but wasn’t able to provide any good evidence. It happens. Sometimes, you can openly say “xy is not against the rules”, sometimes you can’t comment on it for data privacy reasons. That’s fine.

However, if the support is done properly (and in time) it doesn’t matter as they’re supposed to enforce the rules accordingly. :woman_shrugging: But - this should absolutely be part of their tasks.


That’s why I think the guidelines regarding reports should be as detailed as possible to avoid either CMs or Viki receiving useless/baseless claims/reports and allow to report evident situations that need to be addressed. ^^

Have a Very good afternoon/evening! :cherry_blossom:


I think I may comment on this with you folks.

About the new way of report:
I think it’s pretty fair. As it was mentioned here before, if we want to report an abusive act from someone who is not on our team/out of our reach we should just contact a member of this specific team where you saw the abusive act. (I say this because, nowadays, it’s almost impossible to be in VIKI and doesn’t have friends/connections who you can contact about, so just report it to a friend of this community or the person in charge of that language, not directly to the CM; although this is his/hers job. But firstly this should be resolved internally; a Moderator and Subber thing, before going to the higher-ups as this is a quality and a duty requested by VIKI and CMs to be in charge of a team, right?)
I think VIKI’s point is not to contact directly CMs and, perhaps, influence on his/hers decisions; or to make it worse in many aspects. (The flow of the project; recruitment; the fame of a drama; even not to impact directly on people involved - harassment, persecution, bullying, insults, etc…)
Of course you can, and you may, contact CMs for something else. But do not corrupt them. (That’s what I think). When I said “influence”, I mean contributors with years of many contributions, or sometimes don’t, who just want to complain out of the blue and keep that volunteer from succeed on his/hers journey (I refer to the good seeds, obviously).

@_lyla2 pointed out one action that, at least in pt community, is a very often situation and people involved always does it with every new volunteer. - it was discussed here before, some time ago… - and, considering this is one of the largest communities here at VIKI nowdays, it’s worrying! - It happened to me, to a friend before me, to another friend before mine, to another one who came before, so on… over and over and over again… repeating the same vicious cycle. And… guess what? It’s one of the reasons why we, with real problems on our journeys at VIKI, cannot get a fair, instantly and a decisive response from VIKI in Helps or in anywhere else… And, being frankly, we, volunteers, do not have the credibility with VIKI anymore because of such stupid cases.

  • It’s even worse saying out of loud :clown_face::skull_and_crossbones:!

@xylune also pointed out something important: With this new method, it’s way too slow reporting someone, and this is VIKI’s job… but, what else can we do? Again, we don’t have any credibility at all. (I used my community as an example here, but I don’t know about the other ones :woman_shrugging:, so do you; I guess… Maybe it’s worse, maybe it’s not, maybe things are about to get dark, maybe they live a happy life, I sincerely don’t know. LOL. - And not forgetting about trading volunteer work for paid work. By the way, take care to not be the next guest. LOL. Anyway… you for sure got me.)

We can’t do anything about it and even complain about it is tiresome. I don’t expect you folks to get my interpretation nor agreeing with me, but once again… “what else can we do? :woman_shrugging:

Maria, we had butterfly already once, I voted for Dolphin cos it’s water related… like swimming or fun with water in summer :wink:

I know but if all the animals that can look better than the precious the butterfly has potential. That said I want a badger or perhaps a flower, it would be so nice if we could get a :lotus: or similar (it was @trangstar888 that wrote here on discussions that a lotus would be nice and I agree).


Isn’t this meant only for CM’s directives? Not for OL. But Disqus is very buggy and I can access it only with VPN :thinking:. Otherwise I have no access… and I certainly do not accept their cookies… It worked before just fine when I was logged in with Viki until they made changes… Communication about release etc works just fine with Viki email box.


Reading through the comments I can only say, Viki’s rules are becoming more and more complicated and sort of stranger, I feel almost like an employee without getting paid… I do understand that rules are supposed to create order, but when too complicated it can create an aversion or dislike that some folks will loose interest in participating.

Too bad, it was nice when old Viki was easier… :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed:


What if lotus in full bloom with a dragonfly or butterfly on the side with the big leaves. That would be so pretty!!!


That sounds lovely or why not a lotus pond, a lotus with a lantern or why not just have a lotus in different stages of bloom, there are so many ways to use a lotus flower that’s perfect.


Oh my! That sounds beautiful.


Yup, I would love some lotus badges! :lotus:


Now it’s even more obvious why @trangstar888 s lotuses should be badges…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: the visuals makes me want one even more…


can you do examples with dragonflies too? lol. dang… you’re so good with this… the one I did was so simple. lol.

LOVE it!!! We need to submit Lotus Flower for the next event!


Sure… but just to be clear, they are AI-made :joy: I’m not that skilled :joy:


My goodness, that looks gorgeous!!!


Oh, my Dear @zyxw!!

I’m quite shocked and sad because I can’t report a recent situation of shaming someone in a group message due a tiny mistake it was done - on another group. It’s simply surreal!! Fully Unbelievable.

It was So degrading, including the comment from other member…

I know realize how naivee I was when I wrote on a previous post I made and make plenty of mistakes, just trying to give a lesson for other people to improve, when in fact everyone can report me because I have nothing to fear since I abide by the rules. I was Really naivee, dear zyxw, but I shall learn from this.

Have a Wonderful Sunday!

PS: I know because of someone of that team. If it was me, I’d report it right away, prints included. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake and not being mistreated like that.

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Some of your opinions I did agree with, for example: the need to attach the proof for certain claims etc. That’s why I only liked and and didn’t respond to your last message

I think the person involved in that can still make a report, if I were them, I would try


That’s what I like of you: your sense of fairness ^^ :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Viki appreciation post:

They responded to me about the sign-off. I’m indeed on level 3 as a CM.
I feel like it’s now clear, which channels it’s best to apply to :smiley: