[Viki Community Team] Notice for Email Verification to Contributors


Notice to all contributors: Please check that your Viki-registered email is verified by Sept. 29. After Sept. 29, all contributors must use a verified email in order to access the tools.

How can I check if my email is verified or not?

  • Visit Account Settings.
  • Under the Account section, emails that are NOT verified will see a notice stating, “Verification email is sent. If you didn‘t receive it, please check all your email folders.” There is also an option to “Resend email verification.”
  • If you do not see the notice, your email is verified and no further action is required.


Additionally, users whose email is NOT verified will see a light blue banner across the homepage with a reminder to verify your email that says: “Verify your account by clicking the link we sent to your registration email. If you didn’t receive it, please check all your email folders. You can also resend verification email or change email address from account settings page.”


Thank you! If you need help with email verification, you can read more at the FAQ page or submit a Help Center request here.


If we get newsletters, survey notifications, gift coupons etc. by Viki it means that our mail is verified, right?


@irmar I think it’s a technical thing, the email verification was in past as well, even when I got feeds from discussions forum in email and other emails, sometimes I didn’t get the newsletters. The issue was something about “soft-bounce” or something that needed a rectification from Viki’s side. Therefore with ever changing technology this verification is important.


I got my answer in the Announcements tab of my inbox.
It says that if you go to your profile settings, under your mail address, if it’s not verified it will be marked so, telling you to verify it. If there is no such words, then it means it’s verified and you don’t need to do anything.