[Viki Community Team] November 2022 Updates

:sparkles: Your Next Badge Animal

Thank you all for voting! There were over 820 responses for the final vote, but we are happy to announce that the next Subathon badge will be a Dragon! :dragon: Click below to see the results.

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Also RSVP for our 2022 Fall Subathon :maple_leaf: taking place Nov. 19th - Dec. 10th (PST). More details will be sent out to you soon!

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:sparkles: Sample Videos Feature

We recently introduced a new Sample Videos tool for new contributors to create and share short video snippets that showcase their translation skills when applying to channel teams, and also assist Channel Managers and Language Moderators in the assessment and recruiting process too.

If you haven’t yet, read more about the new feature roll out here!

:sparkles:Updated Discussions and Community Guidelines

Our Discussions Guidelines and Community Guidelines just got a new look and home! In efforts to make these easier to find and more clear, starting Nov. 9th @ 6pm (PST), you will be able to access these from the Discussions Forum footer (right next to our Terms of Use and Cookies Policy).

We hope that these updated guidelines are helpful in keeping Viki a respectful and enjoyable environment for all.