[Viki Community Team] Winter Live Trivia Event

Can we contribute to any drama?

And thank for the Live Trivia Event! It was fun! :heart:


and if we all have no k drama… that´s a bit sad…

must find something to edit then

It was fun as always and I must say that I love that it was so easy… :wink:


Hi @rrmski - Yes! Any contribution to any drama during the mentioned time frame will count. Thanks for asking! :heartpulse:


Hi @teufelchen_netty_266 - no need to worry! Your contributions don’t need to be for a K-drama in order to earn a K-drama Day badge… any title that you contribute to during K-drama day will do!

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Hi @maria_lavendula_77 !! That is so funny because I was just telling the team that even these Winter trivia questions may have been too easy because this community has truly mastered Asian dramas!! :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

On a sidenote: My family is looking forward to attending the annual Swedish Christmas fair held in San Francisco this coming Saturday! My husband’s mother used to be heavily involved in SWEA so this event is very meaningful. :sweden: :christmas_tree: :gift_heart:


I have watched or worked with several of the series you had, try with action or things like that, I think that several of us will find it more difficult… :wink:
Oh, how nice that you are going to have a little taste of Swedish Christmas over there, I remember that your husband’s family is Swedish. Do you have a lucia on 13/12

I hope that now that the pandemic has subsided that you can travel here again, it is a beautiful country.
I’m going to bake gingerbread cookies next week, then it will smell so good at home and feel like Christmas (and of cours I will be at home segging or subbing during Christmas like I did last year).


Oh, @jadecloud88 we’re so sorry you missed it too! :crying_cat_face: :cry: :crying_cat_face:
Out of curiosity, was the event start time challenging in your local time zone?


What a beautiful video showing Lucia, @maria_lavendula_77 !! Thank you so much for sharing! :candle: :candle: :palms_up_together::candle: :candle:

Fun fact: When we were married, my husband’s family packed all their Lucia costumes to bring to the U.S. and surprised us with a live performance during our reception. My relatives had arranged a Lion dance to represent our Chinese culture so having his Swedish family represent Sweden with Lucia was so thoughtful, loving and perfect! :gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:

Baking gingerbread is such HUGE tradition in his family. We certainly miss being in Sweden with for the holidays!


It sounds incredibly wonderful to merge two traditions and cultures in a celebration of love.:heart:


@brendas No. Not at all. Just an unforeseen schedule conflict. :slight_smile: