Viki has problems today - <s>unable to save</s> seems to be resolved now

Who do we contact to tell Viki that no one in our working groups are able to save their work? This affects segmenters and subbers.

1:45 PM Mountain time

This seems to be resolved as of 2:16 PM MT


I have just encountered the same issue. Glad to see it’s not just me, but wish it would get fixed.


It is across the board. We have a discord working group of about 40 people on many shows and we are all having problems saving. I can’t delete a segment to combine and they can’t save their subs.

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Yes… bit annoying…

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I’ve reported it here:

Hopefully, they will notice it soon. Maybe because of the time difference it might take a while.


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If you guys have twitter, you can report it there too.

So sad you are experiencing difficulties.
Hope Viki fixes the issue soon.

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It is working now. Whatever was going on seems to be resolved.

2:16 PM MT

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I’ve got the same issue yesterday. I was going to do my job as an editor on projects and nothing was saving. I’ve tried and chrome and safari but nothing. So I left Viki to watch instead of working. Sad of me.