VIKI help! wont let me log in

doesnt allow me not only to access my messages and see my profile page, but says that im not logged in! the app doesnt work either! i tried logging in on my friend’s phone and it doesnt allow me to log in, hence, i cant watch any dramas!!

dear viki,
please top this nonsense that we need to log in on the app in order to watch any videos or dramas. its just ridiculous and i think we shouldnt have to log in JUST TO SEE SOMETHING.

ITS FIXED!! at least on my side of the end. xP

Well actually it’s not much of a nonsense
Since according to your profile when you live outside the US… if you are not a QC you cannot view most things but if you are than the dramas become available…

im actually not outside the U.S. but im in the states, so… i dont see how that makes sense when it comes to logging in… i can see the dramas, i just always have to log into my account.

:confused: thats why i dont understand it.

Yeah I think it was because Viki had problems that day in general. I think you don’t have any problems anymore right?

no im fine now xD but the app in my friends phone still require me to log in or else i cant watch anything :confused: good thing i have a computer … but it would be awesome if the app was problem-free aswell

That’s weird because i can use the app without any problems …
Yes let’s hope for that !=D