Viki iOS app

I prefer to watch VIKI in my browser than on the IOS app.

It’s been a while since the switch where if you’re on a mobile device you have to use the app. I’ll watch on my computer to avoid it, but sometimes I want to watch while I’m in bed so I can’t do that.

I never used to mind watching in the app until the new style when the switch was instituted. I use a keyboard with my iPad and on ALL other videos apps, like Tencent or NetFlix, I can use my keyboards space bar and back/forward keys to control the videos. Sometimes the segmenting is such that the subs show up and go too quick for me to fully read the text. It’s just easier to use my keyboard to pause, and the arrow keys to move forward and back. Using the touch screen isn’t convenient and often I don’t catch it in time or it moves forward/backward too far. I don’t understand why the video app mechanism changed like this in VIKI app that you can ONLY use the touch screen. This is why I’d rather watch VIKI online on my home computer’s browser than a mobile device. It’s sad really that it’s not consistent across devices.


Yeah, it doesn’t work.

Have you tried to double tap on left or right anywhere on screen?
On Youtube, Netflix and Viki, that’s the shortcut to move 10 s forward/backward. I don’t use a keyboard on phone that way on my bed, but it’s true that it’s not convenient for keyboard users.

You can also contact a Viki employee about that here:


i use both keyboard on my desktop and touchscreen on my tablet and both are comfortable for me…
The double-tap works well once you get used to it. I’m not sure about the iOS version but on my Android tablet there is a little forward/backward ten seconds at the bottom of the screen. When paused, the forward/backward ten seconds options are enlarged next to the pause/play sign :grin:

Apple and Samsung are all too happy to sell you their super expensive keyboards, but they neglect to tell you that apps, in general, become very finicky when one is attached to your device.