Viki Is Really Pushing Hard With The Plus Pass... In All The Wrong Ways


Kdramas under KOCOWA used to be exclusive for usually a month. Well, that month has turned into a year. At least you could use a VPN with the Passes that are available worldwide once that period of time was over. The only “option” right now is to make payments over an unverified connection, which is a big No-No.
Or wait 350 days… :disappointed_relieved:

I understand, of course, since it’s a business, but this is a silly business. You limit the use of Passes. You regionally block content. Isn’t the point of any business to bring in more clients !? Make more money ?! Viki seems bent on alienating customers, while proactively encouraging piracy. I don’t get it…


I don’t have Viki Pass Plus, but it seems like I can watch the first episodes of this drama


The first two actually. The rest of the episodes are only available to U.S. viewers with a Plus Pass.


(I wrote this on another thread but I think it is more suited to this discussion thread)
Dear Viki,
If you are going to change (read mostly remove ) access to language options, new episodes of shows (such as this years episodes becoming available a year from now) for standard pass, then please give enough advance notice to your subscribers.
It seems you guys have a tendency of just making the changes abruptly without any advance notice. And most of the changes tend to remove privileges/ services rather than add them. If I have paid for a standard pass and episodes of a certain drama and show were available every week or a language when I paid for my annual subscription, then you removing such access during the duration of my paid subscription is not right because you are removing services that I have paid for already. So either return a portion of the subscription charge to all who are affected negatively by such changes or give advance notice and justification or wait until subscription has expired to make changes.
Your cancelation policy does not return money that has been charged for the whole year even if we cancel our subscription (which I find is becoming more and more useless) midway through the year, so when you remove services and advantages from my subscribed pass during the year, I think it is equivalent to a scam. Do you think other streaming services like Netflix would get away if they did such a thing? It is really off-putting and needless to say chances of renewing subscription are nil.
I know you are really trying to push the Plus Pass but all subscribers have the right to be notified when you make changes to your subscriptions and if you remove access to something, make sure it is not a service you have already charged the client in advance.


Yes, I agree, of course. The whole concept of KOCOWA is terrible. Fortunately, it only applies to Korean dramas. From what I can gather, Chinese dramas are much more popular and accessible.
The language restriction might be a bug, though. This needs to be reported.


WHAT? Much more popular? You must be joking. Viki has been focusing on Chinese dramas not because they have such a great fanbase (they do, of course but it’s not the majority by far) but only because they cannot get their hands on many of the hot Korean ones, and it has to compensate somehow. With Chinese dramas, with MANY Korean reality shows, with Korean films and even with some Japanese content in the past few months.


Well, No, not really. My posts to bring Kocowa and Kdramas to European shores never get the views or replies of those focused on Chinese content. I’m always asked about Cdramas. No one seems to care about Kdrama, though. Maybe I got it wrong…


Hi adrianmorales, Thank you for your reply. Even if programs from other countries are not restricted, the fact that at least a portion of the programs are is the point. It is a matter of principle! I hope you understand the point I am trying to make. Had I know VIKi would pull such a trick, I would not have signed up or paid for a whole year in advance which I learn is basically nonrefundable!


Of course I understand! I want everyone to have a fair and enjoyable experience on Viki. You’ll discover my posts to be a bit on the “revolutionary” side, but only because I genuinely care about the service and those who work to make it happen, from volunteers to subscribers.


That’s because Europeans are probably a minority compared to viewers from the Americas? (including Latin America)


That might be as well, because there are so many languages used in Europe and the licenses in Europe are not unitary. Not everyone is able to communicate in English.


So much for the European Community. They can’t even get Korean dramas right. :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


For the price they put for Viki pass plus, they need to offer more show like Netflix and have there own exclusive. Most of the stander pass you can watch for free from other site, kinda pointless to to even have stander. Heck some site even offer more shows, It kinda disappointment.


What Viki doesn’t realize is that the advent of Kocowa - rather than promote kdramas have made it more inaccessible and folks would rather go elsewhere for their entertainment or switch to Chinese and/or Taiwanese dramas which are more accessible. Up to a month before DF abruptly cancelled, I would have sworn that I would always watch K-dramas exclusively and never anything else. Now, I cannot bear to watch Kdramas and fill my days watching C-dramas and T-dramas. Not a bad thing, really. Viki should realize not to push their Kocowa subscription too hard as they end up alienating thier paying public - not the wisest or smartest business move - they shouldn’t think that customers have nowhere else to turn because thier main rival no longer exists.


I am guessing that, since they pay good money to KC for those licenses, they want to make the most of it. Of course there is a sweet balance between promoting and pushing.