Viki is trying to buy licenses for some Dramafever exclusives

Did you see this announcement on the question of viki buying Dramafever exclusive content?


oh O_O

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A lot of them were recently added on Netflix, so… You never know though.

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Question is: Will they continue to be exclusive to U.S. viewers ?!

Probably not. If Viki buys the license for something, it’s probably gonna be for Europe too.

Kocowa dramas (that Viki didn’t “buy”) are U.S. exclusive.

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i am angry enough that i can´t watch all the good dramas, cause they only think americas need them and the europeans not.
on netflix i only see 3 new korean dramas… the others are old ones

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I first thought it’s just a question of numbers - many more customers. Then I saw it’s not exactly true.

Europe population in 2019 is estimated at 743 million, which accounts for 11% of the world’s population.

North America 366,496,802
South America 431,998,475
Central America 181,886,939

Too lazy to do the addition, but they seem to be a bit more? Not that much more, though.

Of course the question is not how many they are but how many of them watch Asian dramas.
Probably among US people and, even more so, Latin Americans, have more Asian drama fans?

I mean, they must have made their calculations based on some data, which we don’t know.

why don’t they go another route? months ago I mentioned some links and I got in trouble for it. so why don’t they step in and get the ones on those so called pirate links?

if those people stole them as someone said, why not figure a way to get those licenses?? to be sure theres a way tp do it. so many of the dramas are disappearing, be it from drama fever or anywhere else. I’d love to see Viki get it together and just do what it takes to get those licenses, lets not go rouge( I think that’s the right spelling ) here!!

  1. without the licences the videos are considered illegal
  2. pirated videos are often poorer video and subbing quality or the segmenting is out of alignment (this drives me crazy)
  3. licences are expensive
  4. I don’t want to see all the old good C-dramas disappear, but Viki’s subbing community can only handle a limited number of dramas at once unless Viki changes their policy and can upload the dramas with professional or expert volunteer quality subs. There are simply not enough C-dramas subbers to meet the growing demand
  5. I don’t want fewer new dramas to licence many old dramas. Also, some of the old dramas don’t get subbed or released on a regular schedule and too many fans complain-why aren’t they subbed.

It’s tricky to find a balance between the 2. This why I use to not put in requests for C-dramas that DF already carried when the site was running because I wanted more diversity and not 2 sites paying for the licencing for the same series, but that’s not an option now. I am also more biased towards the historical dramas, especially because you don’t see that many large scale Korean historical dramas anymore. In my opinion overall historical C-dramas are better than their modern counterparts. For more modern dramas I stay primarily with K-dramas or the rare Taiwanese dramas that gets picked-up. There are also a few classic K historical dramas I would like to see revived here as well that DF carried.

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Not really, since they steal DF (when it was there) or Netflix or Viki subs :slight_smile:
As for the video quality, most of them are available at 720 and sometimes even 1080 p quality, so it’s fine.

Thanks again for the answers.

I see more poor quality videos out there than good quality. Sometimes it may poor be poor video quality with stolen Viki subs.

So far the rate that Viki has old C-Dramas in the upcoming line-up far outweighs new dramas. I want to see more new dramas compared to old dramas that I have already seen multiple times. If Viki is going to add more older C-Dramas there are a lot of dramas that were also never properly hosted and translated like how Viki just added the Legend of Yun Xi. I rather see more dramas that haven’t been properly translated and got a chance for a wider audience than just old dramas brought over from Viki, though I do have some biased exceptions to this like 10 miles of peach blossoms.

If I lived outside the U.S I would be very frustrated too.

My Secret Romance was an exclusive at DF
Viki is bringing it to us now.

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It’s good that VIKI is rescuing the doramas that were from Dramafever, especially “My Secret Romance”. As the song from the Spanish Latam Opening from the French TV Show “Code Lyoko” says: “Lo que amamos hoy todos vamos a salvar” (What we love today we are all going to save).

With all the good dramas there are out there and we haven’t got, they chose to bring that piece of utter crap?