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I’m suggesting that Viki has an academy for those who want to learn Korean (or another language). Kind of set up like Seg. 101/Ninja Seg., there should be a teacher/teachers that can speak Korean and will teach a class of about 20 students or less. The lessons could be on a messaging app or something of that sort so everyone can watch the lesson, etc. The class should be one day a week for about an hour and there would be a quiz of some sort the following week. There should be at least 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. To break it up into more levels: beginner 1, beginner 2, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, advanced 1, & graduating class (advanced 2). To chose what class is best for the student, each level should have a different level of phrases; if the phrase is easily understood, go onto the next level. If if the phrase is not understood, go down. The student will check on their own [to see what level they think they are] and will submit the level in their application form. A “semester” should be about 10 weeks, and then the students will take finals [to see if they should continue onto the next level or stay put]. I know that almost no one has free time to teach Korean since they are in high demand, but I feel like this is fun to do. Does anyone think this is a good idea? Bad? Any feedback?

(I did post this on another discussion post, but I want to make it an actual topic to talk about.)


Seems redundant considering how many other online options there are for learning the language. And not really the purpose of this site.


Although there are a lot of people who are trying to learn Korean, including myself, I don’t think this fits Viki. Also NSSA and Seg101 are not created by Viki but volunteers who wanted to teach people how to seg (and sub) properly so the overall quality of the timing and subtitles will improve for a better watching experience. Viki liked the idea and supports it.

So what does this learning Korean add to Viki as it is now? Why only Korean?

If you think this is a good idea, find people who support the idea and create a channel for it and discuss it with Viki. If you want to have something done like this you have to start it yourself.


I think its a good idea. Ok there are many possibility to learn many language in web, but it will be great when something like this came up.

I think it would be kind of fun if there were one or two new words to learn from each episode. Like a takeaway from each episode. This way you can see how it’s used in a real sentence/context. This would be great for chinese idiom learners. It’s kind of a long shot though. Haha.

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Unfortunately, that’s true. Viki is really only a site to sub/segment dramas.

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I don’t know if I’m up to starting this; it’s a lot of work and I don’t think Viki would approve of this anyways.

However, what you said is true; this doesn’t fit Viki’s concepts of subbing/segging dramas.

It’s basically like going to school, lol.

That actually sounds interesting. Maybe if there were subbers or others interested in that, it could work on a per channel basis.


I think its a great idea. If it was a channel set up by volunteers like Seg 101/Ninja Seg, why wouldn’t Viki approve it? Seg 101/Ninja Seg help members of their community learn so they can to contribute. Learning Korean would also help members of the community learn so they can contribute. Viki’s “About Us” statement it says, " Together with its fans, Viki removes the language and cultural barriers that stand between great entertainment and fans everywhere." I would say that learning another language would help remove the language and cultural barriers.


I’m Korean and have made some videos with kdrama for helping Korean learners.
I’m searching what kind of videos youguys need to study Korean.
Please. Let me know them to plan new series.


This seems like an interesting idea.
One thing that we could do now is provide a dictionary of terms! I realized that my Korean was improving because I was constantly filling in for that 95%-100% on Korean shows.

But it dawned on me that none of the other Korean speakers may be doing so because they only “do what they can.” To sortof bridge this gap, I started compiling terms I needed to look up as a… 90-95% subtitler on modern shows and 80-90% historical subtitler.

Some native tools for me personally were too hard to deal with when I was less advanced. By posting the words I hoped it would help others translate more segments if it was just one or two words that they needed.

Usually when I come by I would usually be the only one or two people to put a part to 100% so I do it in the hope that it would help them. I guess if everyone just did that for the parts others couldn’t do everyone can learn a bit of the native language like that. I learn a lot about Korean history and traditional Chinese characters that way.

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Thank you very much for making this video.
I am a professional language teacher and I would like to learn Korean. Would it be okay for me to give you a couple pointers so people could actually learn by watching your videos?

Although expressions that are used in most Kdramas are very useful, actors speak too fast for most people to understand what each word actually means. You are doing the right thing when you repeat each expression slowly afterwords, but you do it only once and then you go on to another expression. It won’t work. Honestly, even though I am a drama addict, I would not use a real drama to plan my lessons. It sounds like a great idea, but it is not efficient.

This is what I would do if I were you so people could actually learn:

  1. pick some very easy expression (from a drama or just a very common one that people need in their everyday life)
  2. split it up in words
  3. introduce the words in the very beginning like this:
    word in hangul… romanisation…translated meaning
    For example:
    여자 yeoja woman
    You have to do it with every single word.
    Then you’ll have to pronounce this word three or five times for your viewers to remember better.
    Then, after you do it with every single word in a sentence, say the whole sentence:
    난 여자입니다. Nan yeoja imnida. I am a woman.
    Also, you will have to pronounce this sentence at least five times for people to remember.
    Then you will have to do the same with questions:
    여자 는 누구입니까?
    There is more to write, but I am afraid you’ll find it too confusing.
    I know, it’s a lot of work and it is time consuming. But people will learn, especially complete beginners like me. Guaranteed.

Thank you for all your effort.

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Hi team,

You guys asked and we answered. Rakuten (Viki’s parent company) is preparing to surprise you.

I am from Rakuten team (Viki’s parent company) and we are interviewing 10 people who are Viki users and interested in learning new languages. The interview will take maximum 30 minutes.

  1. Are you interested in learning Asian languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese among others?

  2. Will you be free for a Skype interview telling us which TV dramas you like, and which languages you are learning, or wish to learn?

You will receive a Free Viki pass for a month!

Fill in your name, available time, city, and Skype id for the interview and we will get back to you.

Here is a link for the survey:

Let me know if you have any questions,

Rakuten team.


There is a person on youtube who made videos “Learn Korean through drama”, and he used Secret Garden. He has the scene from the drama, then breaks down the words, writes them, explains the grammar etc. It’s a pity the dramas belong to TV channels, otherwise he might make a whole course like this and make serious money. I think using less than 1 minute from each drama is allowed, though? I’m not sure. It’s like using a sentence of quotation in a book.


From my experience, romanization is detrimental to language learning.